So yesterday was a really rainy day.  Definitely a day to stay home and cuddle under your blanket with a good book or youtube videos :).  So early that morning I knew I wanted to break out my crockpot for dinner.  So I decided to make a apple maple chicken crockpot recipe that I had, […]

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday!  Don’t you just love seeing all of the beautiful hats that the ladies wear each Sunday to church?  Some of them are a true work of art.  Well I had made a centerpiece celebrating beautiful women and their wonderful church hats, so wanted to share. Well last spring […]

Well it is almost that time of year! Time to spring clean our homes.  Today I posted a video on my youtube channel in reference to my spring cleaning system.  It is a system I have had for a few years now and works perfectly for me and my family. In follow-up to the video […]

Happy Wednesday!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I have been a bit under the weather, but still trying to be productive :). So someone asked that I share my scotch egg recipe that I use.  I made these scotched eggs last spring for a breakfast brunch that I did for my husband and […]

So today I received the most beautiful pieces in the mail from my friend in New Jersey!  This was such a thoughtful and beautiful treat for me today.  I am truly blessed that God brings the most thoughtful, loving and just good hearted people into my life.  I am so thankful for the beautiful thought […]