I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I so enjoyed my time with my family.  I wanted to share with you a update from my last blog post on how I was planning to serve all my family breakfast in bed on Christmas morning.  Well it went so well!  They truly enjoyed it and […]

So today I shared how I plan on serving Christmas breakfast to my guest this year.  I think this is going to be so fun and a great way to spoil my guest.  I also completed a video (which is below) on how I prepared for the upcoming breakfast. Nothing Like Room Service! DIY’S:  Room […]

Well I cannot believe how long I have gone without writing a blog post this holiday season!  Things have been so crazy my way.  All good things, but just busy getting ready for the holidays.  It is my hopes to take you all on my journey of preparing for Christmas with my family.  Here is […]