This is one of the meals that I made last week for dinner.  It was featured in my last “Here’s What’s For Dinner” video.  So I wanted to share the recipe with you.  I will say that it is so easy to make and very tasty.  It is a bit spicy (not too spicy for […]

So it is that time again!  Time to talk home tips.  I was so excited to share this week’s home tips with you.  I just love trying out new tips to see if they will help us around our home.  I hope you will enjoy the home tips video below where I share with you […]

I hope you all will enjoy watching what I prepared for dinner this week in my household.  I just love sharing these videos.  I am always looking for new meal inspirations for my family.  It is a never-ending task 🙂  So my hopes are by doing these videos I can perhaps give you a new […]

Happy Friday!  We have made it to another weekend.  So let’s talk glass stove tops.  Last week one of my viewers asked how did I clean my glass top stove.  I was so happy to share the method that I use.  It was a journey finding a cleaning routine for my stove top that would […]

I am so happy to be able to share with you my fairly new system that I have put in place.  I had been feeling a bit dis-organized with my youtube channels and blog etc.  I knew I needed to alter the current system that I was using to accommodate the growth of my youtube […]

I love making bread bowls for those nice hearty soups or when making potato bowls.  I wanted to share with you the technique I use when making my bread bowl.  It is so simple but makes for great presentation.  Hope you enjoy the tutorial!