I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things that I have been enjoying around my home this month.   All of the items I shared were truly a blessing in my home this month.  I just love products that make life easier and more enjoyable at home.  I hope you enjoy the […]

Today I wanted to share with you a quick tip.  I truly love my planners.  They keep me on top of things and I really enjoy using them.  Not everyone enjoys pre-planning and keeping calendars etc.  Then there are individuals who want to keep a planner, but struggle with being dedicated to maintaining one.  Today […]

This week I wanted to share some tips to help all of the mommies out there.  I thought all of the tips shared this week could be helpful and were so fun to find!  Mom’s need efficient and helpful ways of doing things.  So many mom’s have such great tips that they are using in […]

Graduation season is here!  It is amazing how fast the school years go by.  In celebration of all our upcoming graduates, I wanted to share with you two unique gift ideas.  We know that graduates love nothing more that cash in their pockets.  Cash is a great gift to give to someone who is graduating […]

Today’s blog post is a bit out of my norm.  Of course my blog is typically all about home organization, home decor, crafting, cooking and more.  My passion is sharing information to help enhance the lives of others.  This may be inside the home or outside the home.  My love for sharing information prompted today’s […]

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.   I had a wonderful weekend and was so happy to be able to try out some new home tips.  I even shared a home tip that I had been using for years.  I hope you will enjoy the video below where I share this week’s […]