I just love these “Window Shopping Wednesday” post.  For my new readers, this is where I share with you some beautiful finds that I have located this week.  The wonderful thing about finding these items is that they were all at no cost.  Money is no object.  Why?  Because I am only window shopping.  I […]

I am working to add simple touches in my guest bathroom.  One of these touches is a hand spa station.  Recently, I was in a store in which they had (in their bathroom) a hand spa station set up for their customers.  I was so impressed!  Such a simple addition to their bathroom made such […]

This week I had some people over to work on a great project.  I wanted to ensure that I had a nice morning set-up as far as eats as they arrived.  My belief is that when you are hosting meetings whether in your home or outside your home you should make it special for your […]

I recently collaborated with a group of wonderful ladies on YouTube to share our spring tables capes.  Many of you know that I love preparing a fun and beautiful breakfast/brunch at the start of every season.  This is a special treat that I prepare for my husband and I.  I hope that you enjoy seeing […]

I received so many request to share my day with you in video form again.  I did this a couple of week’s ago and it was truly appreciated by many.  So for that reason, I took you along with me on another day around my home.  I hope you will enjoy the video along with […]

The request has been honored!  I received so many request to share how I plan using my new Erin Condren planner.  I was finally able to complete the video taking you on my weekly planning session.  I must say that I have been very happy with this planner.  I have come up with a planning […]