Since the beginning of the year I have started sharing with you what I eat each week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I share these in a weekly video on my YouTube channel AtHomeWithNikki.  In these videos I also like to share one or two (sometimes three) simple recipes in hopes that it can provide […]

My laundry room really needed an update.  It is located inside my kitchen and I wanted the spaces to flow beautifully together.  Initially we painted the walls a peacock blue several years ago.  This color was too bold and disruptive to the flow of the kitchen and pantry.  By making some simple tweaks I was […]

I shared on my Instagram how rewarding it feels each week once food prep is complete.  My husband and I are really trying to make smart decisions when it comes to what we eat.  One key component of eating properly is having an organized fridge which is stocked with healthy items which are ready to eat. […]

The one thing that I was really excited about with our kitchen renovation was being able to organize my cabinets.  Not that they were not already organized but they needed an update.  I was able to purge items that I no longer used and replace items that really needed to be retired.  It now feels […]