How To Plan A Budget Friendly Wedding In Under A Month


My son and his beautiful new wife decided that they wanted to ditch their plans of running off to Vegas and getting married. They decided that they wanted to get married in their new home church.  They recently became members of a church and went through marriage counseling which made them desire a church wedding.  Although they wanted the church wedding they did not want to change the timeline of the wedding.  I tried to convenience them to extend their wedding date but they were insistent on keeping that date.  In their minds they thought planning a wedding was a breeze.  Throw on some nice wedding attire, cut a little cake and dance the night away.  They quickly learned that it takes much much more to create this beautiful day.  I had to plan a wedding in three weeks!  Luckily it all came together and was a beautiful day.  In the video below I share with you how I pulled this off within a minimal budget, minimal time and maximum creativity.   I hope you will enjoy the video below where I share how we pulled it off.