Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

So this was my tablescape for Thanksgiving last year.  I made the feather charger accessory, along with my menus.  I had such a blast putting it all together.

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks– I prefer using the large glue sticks to prevent me from having to to stop and reload glue stick frequently.

Congurated Cardboard Cake Circles-You can get these at Michael’s Arts & Crafts in the cake making section.  Or either online at   I used the 14 inch round circle for my project, but you can choose the size that will best fit your plates and chargers.

Bag Of Feathers-This can also be found in your local craft store and can run you approximately $1.50 per bag.  I purchased mines from Michael’s and used approximately 1 bag per plate mat.

Simply hot glue the feathers around the top edge of the cake round.  Be sure to arrange the feathers using their various colors to get the look that you want.  Don’t worry about how the center of the plate mat looks do to know one will see that portion.  You can also purchase charger plates for approximately $1.99 at your local craft stores or party stores and hot clue the charger plate to the feather mat.  I chose not to do this because I will be re-using my chargers with different looks.

So while in the dollar tree I noticed that they actually had some nice black plates that were very simple and every day, but got my mind to spinning with a tables setting idea.  They also had some cute yellow flowers so I got two bunches of them.  The plates were only $1 along with the bunches of flowers.  Amazing deals!  You could also use fall color leaves for your Thanksgiving table, instead of the yellow flowers.

So today I was thinking on how I could use these plates.  I love monogramed items (especially plates).  So I did this neat idea of printing out my monogrammed on regular paper and cutting it out the size of the bottom of a clear plate (which the dollar store had both white and clear plates but I already had some so did not purchase those).  I thought this would be so neat when entertaining due to you could put each guest monogrammed name on their plate so everyone knew where to sit.

It is such a easy project and has such a great look.  Here is how you can create your own monogrammed look:

Supplies needed: Compass, Scissors and print out of your monogrammed (simply do this with your home computer and printer.  I love this because you can use any font that you like).
Step Two: Using your compass make a circle around your monogram.

Step One: Using the compass measure from the center of your plate to the bottom edge and adjust your compass accordingly.

Step Three: Using your scissors cut around your drawn line to cut out your circle.  This is it!  Now just place under your glass plate.

Video tutorial on faux monogrammed plates.


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