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Today I made a video on my mobile office on my youtube channel. I wanted to also do this blog post to share with you in more detail where I got many of the items that are a part of my mobile office. For my mobile office I use my Thirty-One utility tote. I got this tote several years ago and it is truly an amazing bag. It is very durable and I just love all of the pockets which allow for awesome organization.

Who could benefit from a mobile office:

-The Soccer Mom

If you are a mom that has that child is in so many activities and you spend a lot of your time sitting at practices then a mobile office is perfect for you. It allows you to work on your things while waiting such as your family menu plans, projects you are working on, your calendar activities.

-The Community Gal

If your involved in several community programs or activities, then having a mobile office is great to keep all of those community committee information all stored in one place and ready for you to grab and go as you need. It also prevents you from having to take up valuable space in your home to try and store anything related to activities outside your home.

-The Church Gal

For that woman that is very involved with her church activities a mobile office is a must. You can set your mobile office up to fit all your sunday school, bible study and church committee things. This way you are never late for Sunday morning service because your trying to locate everything you need for church.

-The Business Gal

If you are one of those gals that have your own home-based business you can definitely benefit from having an office on the go. A mobile office is great for that businesswoman to keep all of her home party catalogs and order sheets. All the supplies needed to do her home shows or to work on her business items. If this sounds like you, then why not check out these favorite office designs from shipping containers and be on your way to owning a portable office,

I have my own business in which many times I go sell my items at a kiosk. So this is the main function for my mobile office. It stores everything I need to complete my business activities on the go.

What is in my mobile office:

Made myself using a do-it-yourself tumbler that I purchased years ago from amazon.com and some scrapbook paper.
I purchased this Camelbak water bottle at my military base exchange a few years back. They are available on Amazon.com

I got this Thirty-One zip bag a few years ago from a Thirty-One representative. You can find these on their website at: www.mythirtyone.com/qcsmith/

I got these folders from Staples. They were only approximately .50 each.

My Ipad 2, which was a gift from my wonderful husband a few years ago.

I got this binder from Tuesday Morning.
I recently purchased this from the $1.00 bins at target.

I have had this organizer for so many years. I could not even begin to tell you where I got it from 🙂

I got this green camera case off of Amazon.com.

I got this zip bag at Staples for $1.00.

This is actually a make-up bag that I got from Target, but I use it to store my snacks on-the-go.
I got this Ipad easel on Amazon.com some years ago.
These mini on-the-go bags which consist of my wallet that I got from Target, my tech accessories bag which I got from my Little Black Bag subscription, my manicure kit that I got from Ross’s, and my make-up bag which I also purchased at Ross’s.
The green tabs I also got from Staples.
This pen and stylus set was made by my husband. We custom make these in various colors and styles. Click on the picture to be directed to my website where you can purchase these
This clipboard came from Target.

I got this journal from Staples.

I got this stapler years ago from Staples.

I got this pad from the $1.00 bin at Target.
These are just some scissors and a ruler that I have had for years.

I got this file years ago from the dollar bin at Target.

I am not being paid or compensated in any form for any items in this blog post. These are my personal items that I purchased.


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