The Great British Cakery

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I hope that your week has gotten off to a beautiful start.   Well today I have something amazing to share with you.  It is The Great British Cakery.

As you all know, I use to live in the UK for a few years when my husband was stationed there with the military.  While there I had the great opportunity to meet Julie Marney.  Julie is the owner and amazing cake designer of The Great British Cakery.  I cannot speak highly enough on the quality and exceptional beauty of her cakes.

While in the UK I was hosting a baby shower and reached out to her for a cake for the shower.  I was just so overwhelmed at how it turned out, along with how professional and prompt the service was.  I simply gave her a vision of what I was wanting and she totally came through for me.   It was the centerpiece of the party!

Recently I had the opportunity to ask Julie a few questions about her business so that I could share her with all my readers.  This amazing woman needs to be shared with the world!  Not only are her cakes beautiful, but more importantly she is such a beautiful individual.

What is the most unique cake request that you have received?

That is a great question, that takes some thinking about! All orders are bespoke and there are so many different reasons why people orders cakes, each and every one has something special about them, but there are a couple that really stand out; one being a huge 7 tier vibrant pink cake topped with a fairy castle hand-decorated with hundreds of individual pink gems for a “My Great Big Gypsy 40th Birthday Party!” and the other being a paintballing cake with camouflage coloured sponge cake!

What has been your favorite cake to make so far?

This is a nearly impossible question, there are so many! I really loved the pink purse I made recently, but with cakes there are soooo many possibilities – I just love waiting to see what the next order is going to be!

What local area do you service in the United Kingdom?

Local collection is recommended, however delivery can be arranged. Our cakes have been delivered to London, Stafford, Birmingham and more locally to Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.

What is The Great British Cakery’s contact information?

The Great British Cakery can be contacted via the Facebook site or




If you are in the UK and looking for a simply amazing cake designer I highly recommend Julie and her business The Great British Cakery.  If you would like to see more of Julie’s designs be sure to check out her facebook page at  She is a beautiful person with a amazing gift to create works of art in the bakery world!    -Nikki


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