My Favorite Cleaning Products & Tools

Hope this finds everyone doing well.  I recently did a video this week in collaboration with two other ladies (Kathryn from DoItOnADime and Cassandra from Malitose79) who have a successful youtube channel in which they share their home home organization, home decor, cooking and more tips.

The three of us collaborated to share our three favorite cleaning products and tools.  This was such a fun collaboration and it was so great to see what the other ladies found as their staple cleaning products and tools.

Below are my current favorite cleaning items and tools along with all three of our videos.  Hope you will enjoy. -Nikki

My Current Top 3 Favorite Cleaning Products

My Current Top 3 Cleaning Tools

Our Collaboration Videos On Our Favorite Cleaning Products & Tools

AtHomeWithNikki Video

Malitose79 Video

DoItOnADime Video

  1. Tracy Carpenter says:

    I love the tips!!! I got a lot of helpful tips that I will be applying in my home….especially no cleaning on the weekends

  2. Donna @PlumnPinkhousewife says:

    Thanks, this is great. I watch them too. Great ideas!

  3. Lawanda D. says:

    Thanks so much for the tips. I watch doitonadime, doitonadimefamily and malitose79. How much Gain laundry detergent do you use? The same amount that is used for the bissel carpet cleaner solution?

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