Holiday Entertaining: Breakfast In Bed

So today I shared how I plan on serving Christmas breakfast to my guest this year.  I think this is going to be so fun and a great way to spoil my guest.  I also completed a video (which is below) on how I prepared for the upcoming breakfast.

Nothing Like Room Service!

DIY’S:  Room Service Card & Tray

In order to have my “Breakfast In Bed” go off without a hitch I needed to complete two diy’s.  One being my room service card.  This was placed on all my guest doors for them to chose the items they wanted for Christmas breakfast.  The tray is a $2.00 (plus paint) diy!  Check out to video to see what it actually is!

The Guest Rooms

So we have all of our guest ready for their visit!  Here are all the rooms, ready for our guest to arrive.  I just love my diy room service cards.

My Video On Holiday Entertaining: Breakfast In Bed