Key Lime Milk Shake Recipe

There is nothing better than a delicious milk shake.  The summer just brings out this beautiful dessert.  This week I teamed up with the beautiful Rosie from the blog and YouTube channel  I Heart Recipes.  We decided to each share one of our milk shake recipes with our readers and viewers.  It was such a fun and delicious collaboration.  So for my video I decided to share my yummy Key Lime Milk Shake.  I just love anything key lime, so it worked out perfectly.  I hope you enjoy the video and will also enjoy Rosie’s Pineapple and Passionfruit milk shake video.  Enjoy!  
  1. Jo Ann says:

    Hi, the shake looks yummy..I love key lime anything!
    I have a question about a total different subject! 🙂
    I watched your video on making wine glass wraps and loved it!
    I made a couple and thought they were great but after playing around with them, wrapping them around diffent glasses all of the end loops kept loosening and unwrapping. Not sure you have any ideas on that? Thanks!!

  2. Mira says:

    Hi Nikki!
    That Key Lime Shake looks delicious!!! I want to try making it! I also wondering if you’ve ever shared where you purchased and what kind of food processor you are using for grinding up the graham cracker in the recipe.
    I’ve planted my own little herb garden; your garden was my inspiration! I have my herbs placed on my front porch next to a tiered water fountain. I love going out there in the mornings with my coffee to listen to the water flowing and looking at my herbs and flowers! Thank you for your time, and thank you for all the videos you shoot! I love watching! You are truly an inspiration!

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