What I Ate For The Week: Week ending March 5, 2016

This week was a wonderful week of delicious eats my friends!  I kind of had a overdose on the carbs.  When life gets crazy I tend to get off track and this will happen.  I am by no means counting my carbs or calories, but my goal is to eat a healthy well balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.  Many of you asked if I snack.  I don’t typically snack during the week.  I am constantly on the go and really sometimes forget to even eat lunch (my stomach remembers but my mind will forget).  On the weekends that is a different story.  I love snacking while watching Lifetime TV.  In the video below I share with you all the meals I ate for the week as far as breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I also share with you a few quick and easy recipes that I hope you enjoy!  Also, if you are not a part of my Facebook page I encourage you to go over and like my page.  Starting this week I will be sharing quick recipes throughout the week on my Facebook
These veggie pinwheels are so delicious and so simple to make.  It is a great way to get in your veggies and switch up from having your typical salad.  The ingredients and measurements are listed below along with I provide you with instructions on making these in the video below. 


Yields approximately 8 pinwheels.

1 Large Tortillas
1/2 c. whipped cream cheese
1/4 c. ranch dip
1/2 c. red bell pepper (sliced in strips)
1 c. baby spinach
​1/2 c. purple cabbage

You all know I love my muffins!  Well this week I made some raspberry muffins which were such a perfect match for my morning coffee.  If you would like for me to share this recipe in a future video please leave me a comment below on this blog post.  Thanks. 
I must say this is my absolutely FAVORITE smoothie to date.  If you want to make your morning then make this Raspberry Key Lime Smoothie.  I share with you how to make the smoothie in the video below.  Such a treat!

In this video I share with you what I ate this week for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a few simple recipes. 


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