DIY Media Room

I often see interior design trends and fall in love, meaning I just have to have it! However, having a builder or contractor come out to my house each time I want something doing can get a little expensive, which has lead me to become a master of DIY! Most of the renovations in this home have been completed by myself with the help of family and friends because not only is it more affordable, but I get a sense of satisfaction after completing a job. Of course, we’ve used sites like and the advice of professionals when it comes to completing a renovation so that we’re not working blind but so far, every DIY I’ve done has gone better than expected.

One of my all time favorite home DIY project as been our media room. Mike (my husband) and I decided a few months back to transform our guest room into a media room. We love for our home to function for us every day and having two guest bedrooms just did not seem logical for our lifestyle. It was one of the best decisions we have made in our home. This room such a fun space, and perfect for entertaining.

One thing that was crucial to us was ensuring that we maintained the value in our home. We did not want to make any permanent changes to the space that would prevent us from changing it back to a bedroom if we needed to do so. You will have to check out my video to see how we created this bar area that is removable.

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