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It has been several months since we completed the makeover on our living room. From visiting stores similar to Bazaar Velvet: Handcrafted Designer and Custom Rugs from London, UK, to shopping online, we’re so proud of how everything has come together. It took a while, but it was all worth it in the end. It is the perfect time to share my tips on decorating a living room space. From

Mike and I enjoy this space in our home. Before the makeover, it was bland and uninviting. Now it is our beautiful, relaxing space thanks to products byBESPOEK chairs. We love to sit in this room and talk about our DIY adventures with getting the space in order. There were loads of things that we looked at for getting such as this gloss tv unit. When it comes to buying furniture, you would not believe how much choice there is though. So let’s move into my tips.

Have Fun With Doing-It-Yourself

The beautiful thing about being a homeowner is that you can have fun and save money doing projects around your home. Mike and I we are very adventurous when it comes to trying to projects around the home. Our thought is that even if we make a mistake, we can always keep at it until we get it right.

The built-in cabinet in the living room is the bottom half of an old china cabinet we purchased off of Craiglist. Mike added the top portion, and together it is a beautiful focal point in the space.

Another fun DIY that we completed was our coffee table in which we made it out of picture frames. I made one of these tables several years ago, and it was such a hit with family and friends. With this space, I knew I wanted to create another table. It is such a conversation piece and works perfectly in the space. Be sure to check out my tutorial on how I made this table.

Add Color

I know some of you are surprised with me encouraging you to add color to your space. Although my home is very neutral, I do incorporate color in minimalist ways. Some of these ways are by greenery and accessories that are easily interchangeable such as decorative pillows and throws.

Incorporate Entertainment

A living room is a space that you and your family should enjoy. For some families, this is sitting in the living room watching a great movie. For others, it may be relaxing with a great book and a nice cuppa. When it comes to making the most out of your living room, good lighting could be very important especially if you have opted for darker colors. You may even want to get some new ceiling lights for the lounge so you can really engage with your book. It will also provide you with more space to decorate your room. Whatever you do, make sure that the room is suitable and decorated accordingly. I purposely do not have a television in our living room. I want that space to be the place in our home where we engage in enjoyable conversations while listening to our favorite music.

When decorating and organizing your living room space, I encourage you to make it your beautiful, relaxed haven. We may not all have the same taste in decor, but I would dare to say that many of us do share the same desire to feel relaxed, happy and safe in our home. Please enjoy my video in which I give you a tour of my living room. I hope the tips that I shared were helpful to you.

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