How To Beautifully Clean Your Home

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Let’s be honest. Cleaning your home is not the most enjoyable thing. However, when you do it right, you get a sense of accomplishment that makes it all worthwhile. This can be especially important if you’re looking to get your rental into the top-selling condition for selling rental property via Roofstock. There’s nothing better than giving your floor a good vacuum and seeing all of your great work in all of its glory. This is especially the case when you use a vacuum from somewhere like to get all the unwanted dirt from around your messy areas. Over the years I incorporated a few tips and tricks that can help the task of keeping our homes pristine easier. I am excited to share these tips with you today. When it comes to the outside of your home, cleaning should not be skipped here if you want to maintain a high standard of curb appeal. Using services like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning San Diego to remove unsightly blockages in guttering can be a good start to sprucing up your home’s exterior. Getting professionals to do this will avoid the need for you to get into a dangerous situation on the roof.

Use Non-traditional Cleaning Tools: Instead of that not-so-attractive bucket to store your dirty dish cloths use a beautiful white bowl. It is attractive and it functions. It is also a great distraction from having to look at your dirty dish cloths. You can also invest in some cleaning tools that can save the amount of elbow grease you have to put in and provide excellent results, such as a good floor steamer.

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Incorporating Motivating Colors: Often when we are shopping for our cleaning tools and supplies for our home, we are looking for items that are going to function for us. The function is very important, but I would also like to encourage you to think about the color of the cleaning tools that you buy. Color can inspire and motivate you. By choosing tools such as those beautiful teal colored cleaning gloves or beautiful cleaning brush you can enhance your desire to use these tools. I purchase my cleaning tools from the Grove Collaborative. They have the most amazing and beautiful tools.

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Use beautiful cleaning supplies: I’m way more motivated to clean and do dishes if I have nice supplies that I look forward to using. For example, Mrs. Meyer’s hand soaps and dish soaps are made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients, so they smell amazing and don’t irritate my skin. I love putting them in glass dispensers beautifully displayed beside my sink.

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Here’s a way to save even more time creating a beautiful home: Sign up for Grove Collaborative. They’ve got you covered for all your kitchen and home essentials. I have used their service for several and love it!

Answer a few quick questions about your current cleaning routine and your favorite brands, and Grove will deliver the best natural products right to your doorstep, on your schedule. I love that Grove sends me a reminder before my shipment so I can double-check my pantry, add or delete any products right from my phone, and then forget about it. Since I made Grove part of my routine, I no longer have to remember to add dish soap to my shopping list or run to the drugstore to grab toothpaste. What a relief!

When you try Grove now and and place your first order of $20, here’s what you’ll get:

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Free Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap

Free Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap

Free Grove Collaborative Kitchen Towel

Free Grove Collaborative Walnut Scrubber Sponges

Free Shipping & 60 Day VIP Trial


Already a Grove customer? They’ll add a Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap to your next order for free. Just click here! Every new customer gets a free gift with their first purchase from Grove when you spend $20 or more.

Conceal & Organize Beautifully: Organization is beautiful. To open your cleaning cabinet and see all of your cleaning supplies in an orderly fashion is an automatic solution to incorporating beauty into your cleaning routine. Even if your cleaning products vary and the bottles are not beautiful, if you have them organized it will bring beauty to that not so beautiful cleaning caddy.

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In this video I share with you the above tips that I shared.

DISCLAIMER: The links shared are affiliate links which mean if you use the links and sign up for the Grove Collaborative I will receive compensation from the Grove Collaborative.


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