Coffee Station Mini Makeover

If you live or work in a small place, I am sure you will agree that there are two things that are a sure thing when it comes to small spaces. One, every corner, of a small space is valuable real estate and two; it takes no time for small areas to become a mess. A perfect example is my coffee/kitchen station in my office. I think I’ve got the Best Coffee Maker on the market (from the ones I’ve tried) and it makes a great cup of coffee; the only issue is that it makes a mess too if you don’t keep on top of it! I wanted to do a mini makeover on our coffee station to give it a much needed deep cleaning and to have it function more like a breakfast station for myself and my team. I’ve been looking for coffee equipment reviews for a while now and I was going to buy a new coffee machine until I realised how easy they are to clean. The coffee machine we’re using at the minute is perfect, and it looks even better now it’s cleaned! When I told my friend I was looking at buying a coffee machine, she told me to check out this review to help me decide but I’m quite glad I don’t have to buy another. We have all been so busy that we have been doing a rush cleaning job at the end of the day. Because this is a highly utilized area the coffee stains, my make-up markings and dust were taking over! It was time to do a deep cleaning and quickly!

I am excited to announce that this blog post is sponsored by Mr. Clean.

As always Mr. Clean was right on time as I started this mini makeover journey. I am so excited to share with you how fantastic the new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Durafoam works in tackling the impossible household stains. It is the featherweight cleaning champ! The size alone is a selling point for me. I do not have much space in my office kitchen area, and I love how light and compact this powerful multi-tasker is. It is my must-have all around my home and office especially in those hard to clean spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom. Whether a burnt-on stove top mess or bathtub filled with scum the Magic Eraser with Durafoam has my back!

Now that I had my cleaning buddy in hand I was ready to tackle our coffee bar area. One of the spots that I could not wait to handle was our coffee maker. It was disgusting! It gets dirty so quickly, and luckily it took me all of 15 seconds to get it clean with my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Durafoam! I love that once I cleaned the coffee maker, I could rinse off the Magic Eraser and keep going.

Next, it was time to hit our drawer which became a catch-all for coffee items. I cleared all of the things and transformed it into our oatmeal drawer. Now we have a place to come and prepare a quick breakfast instead of running to McDonald’s every morning.

You always can find where I have been if you follow my make-up stain trail. My make-up markings were all over the cabinets, and this can look awful. I now secretly keep a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Durafoam tucked away to rub away these markings quickly.

Now that I had the coffee area cleaned to perfection, it was time to implement a few new touches for a complete refresh. I started by adding some beautiful white bowls in a basket so that the team could quickly prepare their oatmeal in the morning. Plus, we do not have much storage place, so the basket provides a beautiful way to display the bowls and coffee cups. When setting up space, I wanted to make sure that all items were easy to grab so that it saved everyone time in the morning and made it extremely convenient. We now have a water unit in the lobby that provides hot water which is perfect!

I removed the canisters that were on the counter and simplified things by purchasing little white sugar holders which saves space and makes it easier to grab a packet of sugar when needed.

We now have the perfect morning go-to here at the office. It is inviting now that I have deep cleaned and tweaked it to function as both a place to get that must-have coffee in the morning and a place where my team has the ability to grab breakfast at the office. I also make sure that I descale my coffee maker every once in a while, just to make sure it’s as clean as possible. There are lots of online articles such as ‘How Do You Descale a Keurig Coffee Maker‘, that can help you out if you’re unsure of how to clean it properly. There is always help available when it comes to cleaning tips!!

You can find the all-new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Durafoam at grocery, retail, home improvement, e-commerce, club and mass merchandise stores nationwide. Click here to learn more about this cleaning must-have.

Have a beautiful day! -Nikki

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