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Hello Friends! Fall is almost here. We all know fall brings cooler weather, the leaves change color, cozy sweaters, and “pumpkin spice lattes!” Fall is the transition of seasons, and like the seasonal change that occurs, we need to adapt the way we take care of our homes. Our homes are one of the most important investments. Since our home is valuable to use, we need to maintain it. Friends, I have tools, tips, and tricks for you to maintain your home year-round.  

The first step is to have a plan to clean. I like to reference Beautifully Organized at Home Planner to keep track of the daily, weekly, and even monthly cleaning checklist. As we enter Fall, we’ll spend more time at home, which can mean more messes in the home. I believe in your home. Therefore, it is important to set up systems to help your home run efficiently.

I believe cleaning the home is an equal opportunity event. Don’t be afraid to get the whole family involved. Make it a fun event with either a reward or a competition.

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The fun idea is to put all the tasks you need to do, like checking faucets for leaks or cleaning exterior Windows, on cleaning recipe cards. I like to get a cardholder, and within the cardholder, you’ll have a divider for each room in the house, like the living room, the foyer, guest bedroom, and a completed section. Each section on a “Cleaning Recipe Card” lists what you would like to get done in that room. Like for the living room, it can be clean and dust fan, reverse the direction of the fan when cleaned, and that would be a Fall task. Each of these cards can be laminated to make them easy to wipe off.

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You can have a cardholder for each season to really break down what you need to clean. Towards the front of every box, I have a list of cleaning supplies I need to clean. I like to get natural cleaning products from the Grove like sprays, disinfectants, and even sponges. I keep in mind that by September, I need these cleaning items to clean my home successfully.

The next step is to work the plan. Place your cardholder box out where it is visible to everyone, and I like to put it on my entryway table. This makes it easy to see, so you can pull a card from the card box each day you come home. The process is to take one card a day and work on that task for one hour; grab another if it can be completed sooner. An hour is your time limit. This can create a fun competition with kids or teens.

For each completed task, they can add their personalized dot sticker to the back of the card. At the beginning of each year, you can assign a dot color to each family member, and when they complete a task, they’ll place their dot on the back of the cleaning cards. Then, during your family meeting, you can tally up and see who completed the most tasks, and whoever completes the most tasks can get a reward.

Family members, kids, and teens feel a sense of accomplishment after completing cleaning tasks. I highly recommend this activity for families to do each season.

Friends, let’s not forget about the outside of our homes. A Home Maintenance Checklist is perfect for reminding you of important tasks for the upkeep of your home. In addition, this checklist is perfect for keeping track of your HVAC servicer and other companies you use to help maintain your home.  

If you need more cleaning tips and tricks, you can watch my video here, where I share my secret weapons for cleaning my kitchen with you!

As we change seasons, it is important to adapt your home to face many changes throughout the year. It is my pleasure to go on this journey with you to make our homes Beautifully Organized.   

Hugs and Love,



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