When organization meets great recipes what you end up with is one amazing meal plan.  Our well organized meal plan  includes meals for every day of the month along with coordinating recipes and videos for every meal.  All for only $5 per month. Are you ready?

Welcome! I am excited that you are interested in plated order!

- Monthly meal plan inspiration calendar with everyday family meal ideas for the entire month with clickable recipes and videos for each recipe.
- A blank shopping list sheet. 
- A recipe of the month with video
- A special note from Nikki Boyd
- A featured product of the month
- A free printable
-Plated Order Facebook Group

All this for $5 a month. 


What's Included in your Membership


Our phenomenal meal plan that is inspired by great food and organization will be sent directly to your email every month with a calendar full of meals with clickable links that take you directly to the recipe and video for that meal. It doesn't get much simpler than that right? 


"Monique creates the most delicious dishes and has easy to follow recipes. I have personally used her recipes for years in my home. She is always my go-to when I am looking for inspiration on what to cook. I absolutely love her!" - Nikki

Visit her blog Divas Can Cook down below, for Southern Recipes that anyone can make! 

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As a professional organizer, Nikki's goal is to provide you with tools to simplify your home and work life, making life beautiful for you and your family everyday.