I found Nikki on YouTube and fell in love with her organizational videos. Lo and behold I found out she’s right here in the same city as me! Ever since, Nikki and her amazing team have helped me organize and pull together multiple rooms and areas of my home. Their presence is always light, happy, and stress-free. Nikki takes on tasks that seem impossible and breaks them down into just a few hours work. By the time she’s done, the air is so much clearer and I can take a deep breath. Sometimes I find myself just staring at previously cluttered areas like my pantry or garage with a smile on my face. With Nikki’s skills a house becomes a home, a stress-free and efficient sanctuary. Nikki understands what it’s like to move a lot in a short period of time, as well as what it’s like to always be the host. Her guest room tips are some of my favorite. Thank you so much Nikki and Co.! You are always welcome in my home. Thank you for loving and taking care of it as if it were your own. 

Charleston, SC

I had to write a review about my fun and enlightening experience with Nikki and her team, namely Becky. They were a dream to work with. I gave myself a Virtual Organizing session with Nikki for my birthday.  I love it when I get just what I hoped for….:) Anyway, I spoke with and emailed Becky with measurements and pictures of the space we would look at when Nikki and I FaceTimed. I feel like I have a new friend! Nikki was just as sweet, thoughtful and pleasant as you see in her videos. She was patient and attentive to try needs the space. I got great tips which I have implemented and LOVE the results. Although I am a fairly organized person, having Nikki to bounce off ideas with and get her perspective opened up things that I just would not have thought of on my own. I highly recommend a virtual appointment. You will be so happy and blessed by what you learn and the experience in itself.

Houston, TX

I have just completed my second round of virtual organizing sessions with the lovely Nikki. I am always amazed at how much we get done and how simple she makes the process. I never feel too overwhelmed and love the sense of satisfaction after each and every session. My challenge has been to reduce my belongings since moving from a home of over 7000  square feet to less than 1000 square feet. I live in the UK. Nikki has even managed to train me to have good organizing skills and I can now enjoy the process rather than keep putting it off. Our sessions are always fun as well as being incredibly productive. I can now get on with living in my calm new home. Bless you Nikki and the team. 

United Kingdom

I found Nikki through her YouTube videos and Instagram. During my first virtual meeting with Nikki, I did not know what to expect. First of all, Nikki is so nice but maintains her professionalism throughout the process. It felt like a friend was helping me. Secondly, she is excellent at scanning a room and spotting problem areas. You cannot hide any clutter from her. Thirdly, she identified quickly that I needed systems in place to help with the reoccurring   mini messes. Finally, I felt that she educated and motivated me.

Nikki helped me organize two areas (office and pantry) in my home. Because she educated me along the way, I was able to work on my laundry room, garage and hall closet all by myself.

Working with Nikki and her team was an outstanding experience (I love her team too). I have already referred her to my mother. I highly recommend At Home with Nikki to anyone looking for  a (virtual or in-home) professional organizer.

- Tess
Atlanta, Georgia

What can I say other than you are "amazing"! and I adore you.. I really enjoyed working on my home foyer/entry project!.. It has been a year later, and the space still works based on our work and design plan! Thank you so much for your inspiration and guidance. Working with you and interacting with your amazing team has been an absolute delight. Each time that we met for our client sessions, either virtually or in-person, your warmth always came through. Working with you was assuring because I knew that I would end up with solutions that would work in my space, making it functional and tastefully planned and curated.

Being a professional organizer myself does not always mean that I may have solutions or answers for every space that I work on. Being able to defer to you for your expertise as a colleague who understands and can provide insight on an odd space really made a difference in the outcome of my project.

Thank you so much, Nikki, my family, and I love the space, and they all loved working with you as much as I did. Your professionalism, knowledge, care, and attention comes through in all that you do. I could not have been more blessed to have met you, and work with you as my Professional Organizer.

I look forward to my next project with you, coming up in the very near future..

With my warmest regards and hugs to you and your team.. xoxox..

- Rosemary
New York



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