So I thought it would be fun to start a video tag with questions all about my home.  It is where I answer ten questions about my home.  I am excited to see others complete this video tag also!  Hope you all are off to a great start to your week!  -Nikki  […]

I think that I did really well this week for our meals.  I pretty much stayed on budget (slightly over, but very minimal), the meals where healthy and I made sure to menu plan.  Menu planning is so key to having a successful week of meals for your family.  I hope you will enjoy this […]

We all know how popular faux wood paneling was in the 70’s.  Was there a house built in the 70’s without it?  I think not.  A lot of homes today still have this paneling, which I must say is quite durable, but sure makes a home feel dated.  Well one of my viewers wrote to […]

I am happy to report that I did so much better this week with meal planning and our  meal budget!  Last week was not a good week.  I went way over budget on our meals and I did not meal plan.  Meal planning truly makes a huge difference.  Here is the video where I share […]

Don’t you all just love glassware with the beautiful silver and gold rims at the top?  I know I sure do.  The only problem is that over time that beautiful gold or silver rim will tend to rub off leaving your glass looking less than appealing.  Well today I made a video quick tip sharing […]

Last week I posted a video sharing 5 shortcuts to cleaning.  These tips have worked for me over the years and I wanted to pass them along to my friends.  I hope you will enjoy the video and find it helpful.  Hope you all are having a wonderful week! Items shown in video.