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Some people love to clean while others fail to see the attraction. No matter how you may feel about dusting and vacuuming, a meditative approach can make tidying up more fun and satisfying.  Use these techniques to help you create a calm atmosphere conducive to cleaning quickly and effectively. A Sample Meditation on House Cleaning […]

As a working professional, your livelihood depends on your ability to produce high-quality work within a reasonable timeframe. Therefore, maintaining a high level of productivity is essential to both your professional and personal success.  But sitting in an ugly, cramped office is the easiest way to send you running to your favorite websites to waste […]

If you’re like most of us, at some point you’re likely to come to the conclusion that your life is too cluttered. You have too much to do and aren’t able to handle your schedule. You probably own too much stuff and just keep adding more every day. Most people would probably be better off […]

Organizing your home will bring you different benefits than it might for someone else with the same goals, but with completely different outcomes. First off, you need to know, to organize your home is different for you than it is for someone else. Some people don’t have a lot of clutter and junk but need […]

We all have excuses for doing some of the negative things we do. Holding onto clutter is common, and having excuses as to why we keep all the “stuff” is par for the course. Do you know what the real problem is with getting organized? We have too much stuff!  I’m willing to bet you […]

Whether you are saving for a house deposit, or perhaps something a little smaller, there are things that you can do at home to save money. Try these tips and watch your savings grow: 1. Make a shopping list. How many times have you gone to the grocery store and ended up buying things you […]


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