Professional Organizer Master Course

A self-guided training on how to assess, declutter, clean, organize and beautify spaces.

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Create a profitable and fulfilling Professional Organizing business!

This program is for you if: 

You love helping others organize their home or office space and want to turn your interest into a fulfilling business.

You want to have an elevated client process that you can repeat each and every time. 

You are ready to create unique and functional spaces for your clients and need a foundation on how to achieve this.

Professional Organizer Master Course: 

Through self-guided video trainings, you’ll learn how to:

Assess your clients needs so that you can provide the best results

Take furniture and room measurements accurately 

Use my proven 5-step approach to organizing each space beautifully

Manage each project so that you aren’t overwhelmed

Manage your team and create a seamless experience for your clients

 All For $379

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Here's What's Inside

over 10 video Modules

lifetime access

community support

hands-on assignments

Module 1: Professional Organizing Business Basics

Start achieving your dream of owning your own professional organizing business by learning basic business concepts and principles to jump start your career as a professional organizer.

Module 2: How To Build A Winning Team

Teamwork makes YOUR dreams come to life! Explore how to create and lead your team in a work environment that promotes high quality team character and enhances team performance.

Module 3: The Basics of Organization

Wipe the dust off your organizing know-how as you learn and review basic organizing concepts and useful techniques that will lay the foundation for your professional organizing business.

Module 4: Tools of the Trade

All eyes are on you when working with a client and choosing which tools and products to use.  Even seasoned professional organizers get overwhelmed with the different organizing options available.  As a new professional organizer, learn which tools and products to use and recommend to your clients.

Module 5: How To Work With Clients

Your clients are the backbone of your business. Learn practical strategies for engaging with your clients, fostering client relationships and providing excellent customer service.

Module 6: The Art of Decluttering & Detoxing a Space

Decluttering is by far the most daunting step in the organizing process. Learn and cultivate essential skills to support your client and set yourself and your clients up for success.

Module 7: Cleaning 101

Once the purging party is over, there are sure to be a few hidden dust bunnies that will come out of hiding.  Discover practical tips and strategies to implement that will guide you through the cleaning process.

Module 8: The Art of Organizing Beautifully

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Although beautifully organizing spaces can be the most fun part of the process, it can often be a challenging one.  Gain insight and perspective on how to guide clients through creating functional and beautiful organization.

Module 9: Project Management

As a professional organizer, project management will be essential to your success.  Discover different project management tools and how to create a system that will work for you.

Module 10: Creating A Home Management System

Effective management keeps a home running like a well oiled machine. Explore how helping your clients create a home management system will help turn the hard work they (and you) put into organizing their home into systems that last.  

Plus this bonus

Professional Organizer Toolkit

Get started right away with your Professional Organizer Toolkit.  This toolkit will take the guesswork out of creating the resources you need to get your professional organizing started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I get access? 

Right away! Once you purchase the course, you will be able to get started.

How will I receive support?

We provide community-led support so that your questions are answered throughout the time you take the course.

How long do I have access to the course?

You get lifetime access to the course! That means whenever we have an update to the course, you will get those added lessons as well!

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