I’m Nikki Boyd, founder & driving force behind At Home With Nikki. 

I’m on a mission to help motivated women find balance, reshape their lifestyle, and improve their quality of life through the art of organization.

I wasn't always organized, but when I left my parents home and was hit with the realities of being a working mom and wife to a husband in the Airforce, I had to learn to be. I quickly came to appreciate the usefulness of efficient organization. We moved around a lot, and the process was much easier when things were organized effectively. 

It became my purpose to find the haven within the home – the happiness and fulfillment that comes with a beautiful, functional dwelling space. 

Nikki and her amazing team have helped me organize and pull together multiple rooms and areas of my home. 

Their presence is always light, happy, and stress-free. Nikki takes on tasks that seem impossible and breaks them down into just a few hours work. By the time she’s done, the air is so much clearer and I can take a deep breath. Sometimes I find myself just staring at previously cluttered areas like my pantry or garage with a smile on my face. With Nikki’s skills a house becomes a home, a stress-free and efficient sanctuary. Nikki understands what it’s like to move a lot in a short period of time, as well as what it’s like to always be the host. Her guest room tips are some of my favorite. Thank you so much Nikki and Co.! You are always welcome in my home. Thank you for loving and taking care of it as if it were your own.” 

~ Mary

‘At Home With Nikki’ was born from a DIY video about how to make a teacup lamp.

Over the years, this teacup lamp video evolved into what is now the AtHomeWithNikki YouTube channel, which helps an audience of over 543K followers and counting make their homes a more functional and beautiful place to be. 

I was blown away. This opened my eyes to how valuable and life-changing organization truly is. It became clear that my calling is to help women rise above their setbacks and find motivation to become the best and most fulfilled version of themselves. 

In addition to my tutorial blogs and videos, I started offering in-home professional organization services, which enabled me to collaborate with my clients and guide them in personal and actionable ways that posting content cannot. 

I learned that transforming someone’s living space has the power to transform their lives. 

As more and more women sought my advice for reorganizing their spaces into sanctuaries they could be proud of, I brought on a team of other professional organizers who share my passion for helping people live more efficient, productive, and peaceful lives. 

We are now able to help women around the world with in-home professional organizing. 

We value

Beauty in organization:

We value not just organization and structure but also it being beautifully organized. 


Our goal is to use organization in order to save our clients time, money and stress. As a result, our clients leave happier and more fulfilled. 

Quality of Life

We believe that through organization, you can reshape your lifestyle and improve your quality of life. 

It’s my belief that a happy home guarantees a successful and fulfilled life, and it brings me joy to help my clients create that happy home. I and my team at At Home With Nikki are here to guide you, advise you, cheer you on and hold you accountable. You can do it! 

You are one choice away from a completely different life. 

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