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Earring Organization Idea

So this past weekend I posted my craft room tour on my you tube channel (athomewithnikki). Well in that video I did show one of the ways that I display the jewelry that I make which is pictured below. If you haven’t already watched that video, I highly recommend doing so. I put a lot of time and effort into it and I’m super proud of how it all looks. I have sooo much jewelry so an earring organization video was definitely needed!

I think that this is a great way to organize, store, and display your jewelry in a unique way. I actually just bought a new pair of hoop earrings (you can get more details from Adina’s Jewels or another similar website), and they look great on the jewelry stand. I spend quite a lot of money on jewelry so I think it’s only fair that I display and organize them in a pretty way too!
You simply get a beautiful frame (in the size of your choice, depending on the number of earrings you have). Remove the glass and add a linen fabric or fabric of your choice to the frame. I added a gorgeous pink fabric to the back of my frame, a lot of my earrings are gold so they complement each other perfectly in my opinion. This gives your earrings something to hang from. Then simply attach the earrings to the fabric, and there you go! It’s so simple yet effective so if you’re looking for a cute way to organize your earrings, try this!

I love using this option for my earrings. Hope you all had a beautiful day!

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