Holiday Decor Makeover: Game Room

Well I cannot believe how long I have gone without writing a blog post this holiday season!  Things have been so crazy my way.  All good things, but just busy getting ready for the holidays.  It is my hopes to take you all on my journey of preparing for Christmas with my family.  Here is the start!  I just finished transforming my home office into a game room for Christmas. I didn’t make many changes to the room since I didn’t think much needed to be done. I was considering getting some new quality peel and stick wallpaper since one of my friends just re-papered her bedroom and it looks beautiful. I think I’ll save that job for the new year since I’m so busy at the minute with Christmas on the way! My family LOVES to play cards and games at Christmas time.  So this year I decided to give them their own space so they can play all day and night while visiting at Christmas.  This will also free up my kitchen table for my other guest who do not like to play cards.  Be sure to also see the video below where I take you on my journey of making this transformation.

Hot Beverage Bar

You will see in the video below how I set up my beverage bar for the holiday game room, along with the great decor deal I found at Michaels Arts n Crafts.

Card Table Transformation

It was so EASY and AFFORDABLE to transform my glass desk into a card playing table.  I did this at a cost of only $5.00!  I show you how in the video. 

Amazing Holiday Decor Deal!

I found a incredible deal at Michael’s Arts n Crafts this week.  I got all of these beautiful candle holders for a little $8.00 total!  They were 70 percent off this week.  They look so beautiful when I light my candles in them.  Love this deal!

My Motionette’s

My grandmother just recently passed away.  Her home was always so amazing during the holiday season.  She loved to take her motionette doll’s and make a beautiful holiday scene.  I remember that it was always so magical and we would sit and look at her display for hours.  She started sending me one each year and now I feel so blessed to have these dolls that she gave me.  They are the perfect holiday decor for our holiday game room.  


Here is my home office in the normal state.  It will be going back to this after the holidays.  I currently have all my office accessories and computer in my bedroom temporarily for the holidays. 


Here is the after.  I love the way the room turned out.  I hope my family will make great memories this Christmas and spend many hours of card playing in this space.

My video taking you through the transformation from office to holiday game room.  Hope you enjoy!


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