Simple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

So I recently tried a wonderful new and easy recipe that was shared with me from one of my viewers.  I just love this simple and easy breakfast recipes.  It is heavenly!  I made these for the first time this morning for my husband and I.  We truly loved them!  They were the perfect compliment to our morning coffee and tea.   Below are the instructions for how to prepare these quick and delicious Bacon Cinnamon Rolls.   Hope you will give it a try.
So simple!  You only need one can of Grands Cinnabon rolls (which makes a serving for 5) and a 5 slices of bacon.
STEP ONE: Unroll the cinnamon roll the length of the bacon. 
STEP TWO: Lay one slice of bacon on top of the unrolled portion of the cinnamon roll. 
STEP THREE: Roll the cinnamon roll back in place with the bacon. 
STEP FOUR: Place on your baking pan and back at 350 degrees for 25 to 27 minutes.
Your ready to eat!  You can add the icing that comes with the cinnamon rolls after taking them out of the oven if you choose.  I liked mines without the icing, but my husband loved it with the icing. Either way it is delicious!