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Some of you may remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that my husband and I picked up a solid wood desk from our local Goodwill for only $2.90.  The desk was very sturdy and in excellent condition (with the exception of some major cosmetic issues).  

This week my husband and I got to work making over this desk for my office.  For years I have been using my old dining table as my desk in my office (which I do love). The only problem being that it is a table so it had no drawers for storage.  Although I got very creative in storing my desk accessories and things, I truly desired a “real” desk.  

I absolutely love how the desk turned out!  My husband is so wonderful that he customized the desk drawers to fit all of my organizational needs.  This was also a very exciting project because for some time now my husband and I have been wanting to try out the Annie Sloan line of paint.  This was the perfect opportunity.  I must say that I am so very happy with the results. Unfortunately, not everyone is as skilled in the DIY department as my husband is. I don’t think I would have been able to do this alone. If you are looking for a new desk, but are not too creative or handy with tools, it may be best to leave it to companies like Office Monster to help you find the right desk for your office makeover. At least this way, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Below, I share with you some photos of the desk (before and after), along with two videos showing your how I organized and made over the desk.  Hope you will enjoy.  




The Makeover

Goodwill Find: $2.90

My husband and I could not believe we found this desk for only $2.90 at our local Goodwill.  I know it looks a bit rough around the edges, but it was in great condition and only needed a little TLC. 



Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

We used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White to makeover the desk.  I loved this color because it coordinated perfectly with my office.  We went to our local distributor and got the paint and the clear soft wax.  We were a bit intimidated at first, but we were determined to give this paint a try.  







The Videos

Desk Organization

Annie Sloan Desk Makeover

  1. Lyn says:

    Amazing! You and your Hubby did an excellent job! I love…love…love it! I really enjoyed watching it 🙂 Stay blessed Nikki!

  2. Joanna says:

    Wow Nikki!!! What a beautiful result. It’s great that your husband is so handy and was able to customise storage to suit your needs. Thank you so much for sharing another great idea.

  3. Your desk makeover is beautiful. Great job!

  4. Cari says:

    Hi Nikki! You are so inspiring and uplifting! This desk turned out lovely. Your husband did a fabulous job with the drawer dividers.
    I’m wondering, now that you’ve had some time to live with your new desk for awhile, what do you think about the chalk paint? Is it holding up well? I ask because you have inspired me to check out my local Craigslist and maybe try to fix up some wood furniture pieces myself. Thanks Nikki!

  5. Norma Schropshire says:

    What are the titles you give to your desk folder covers? I could not find that video. “To Do” Urgent, File, etc.?

  6. Susan Ashford says:

    Hi Nikki,
    I just discovered you and am enjoying your videos. Do you mention the paint color and stencil pattern that you used in the office? I have been thinking of a similar look for our dining room and would love to learn from you. Thanks, Susan

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