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Well the garage is complete! Last week I shared with you a portion of the completed garage where I put together my husbands desk in his average size three car garage. Well today I want to share with you the completed makeover of our garage. It was such a huge task! Garage spaces can be so challenging, especially if you haven’t cleaned it out in a while. No wonder why a lot of people opt into the idea of using storage units. This does make the idea of storing items that you don’t need right now a lot easier. By looking into something like self storage perth, you may be able to find a solution to eventually having a clean garage. That is the dream for everyone who owns a garage. I was able to achieve this and I am so happy with how it turned out.

It felt so great to finally have this project complete. One thing I will say is make sure you look at Dumpster Rental for getting rid of anything you don’t keep – you can soon end up getting rid of a lot more than you first planned. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the video where I take you on our journey of getting our garage in order.





Favorite Garage Bins

Love these garage bins from They prevent you from having cluttered lawn bags of grass seed, fertiliser, soil and more in your garage space.

Great Alternative To Bins

I just did not want to use the typical bins to organize this shelf in our garage. I went with using toolboxes. I love the look and they will last a lifetime. I got my toolboxes from Sears on sale(recently) for only $6.99 each. They typically run $15.00 t0 $17.00. You can also purchase them on not at the sale price).


There is enough room in the garage to keep our car now that all the clutter is stored away. The car insurance could be cheaper now that we have room to store our car in a safe and protected place.

The Video

In the video I share with you my garage makeover that my husband and I completed in our home. Hope you find some helpful tips if you are planning to start the process of making over your garage space.

Alternative Shopping Locations

I stated in the video that I purchases several items from Harbor Freight and Sears. If you are unable to find the items in these stores is a great resource to find the items. I would recommend trying the direct stores first due to you may find better deals.


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