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DIY Gallery Wall

Hello Friends,

I have an easy, affordable DIY gallery wall decorating project for you. This project is quick and can be completed within one afternoon.

The At Home With Nikki team took on the task of decorating a blank wall in the office. It was important that we display our values as a daily reminder of our mission along with beautifying our space.  This project can be made with items you already have around the home or at your local craft store (Michaels). 

1. Pull Out Your Cricut Machine. The Cricut Machine is a versatile printing and laminating machine. It can be used to create labels for a pantry or the command center in your home. But today, we are going to use it to make wall art. On plain paper, print off your image. This can be a simple black and white image. The lamination machine will add a little “pop of color” later. 

2. Get your gold foil and place it over the desired word. Take your time with this step, and precisely place the cut-out gold foil on the desired word. For our wall art, we decided to laminate the word “Our Mission.”

3. Place the paper in the protector and place it between the roller. The machine will be warm, so use caution. Gently push the paper in the protector through the machine until it comes out on the other end. Pass the paper through the machine at least two times.

And Voila, the image is finished! All that is left is to put it up. We got three white frames from Michaels and placed them on our wall. 

I always feel empowered by DIY projects. It allows me to express my creativity and instills a sense of accomplishment. The motto on this wall will serve as a reminder to the team and our friends that At Home With Nikki is a place  “Without Judgement, here to help individuals, families, and businesses, make their home and work life function beautifully and promote the importance of having a well-organized space.”

Friends, I hope you enjoy this DIY gallery wall decorating project. You can watch more of my DIY projects on my YouTube Channel, where I share with you some DIY Project tips and home organization tips that will help you around your office or home.

Hugs and Love, Nikki

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