Summer Entertaining Tips

This week some of our friends from England came over for a visit.  I wanted to have a nice evening of great laughs, food and drinks.  Due to our friends not being in town long I did not have much time to prepare, but wanted to do something nice.   Thank goodness for my summer quick tips in entertaining!

Below are some pictures from our evening along with a video giving you details of my summer entertaining tips.  Hope you will enjoy!  Nikki

My Video on Tips on Summer Entertaining

  1. Aída. says:

    Wow i want to be like you so much. I don’t enjoy entertain because is too much work. But with this tips, I don’t have to cook hard stuff to do it right. Thanks. Greetings from San Diego.

  2. Catina says:

    Condiment on Ice tray $24.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

  3. mrs requel says:

    simply beautiful!!!

  4. Liana Hanson says:

    Wonderful presentation. I’l try some of this tonight! I’m having company over for dinner.

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