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Tis the season of motivation!  The beginning of a new year always seems to have everyone ready to take control of their home and get it in order.  We all have good intentions to get our home organized but too often many struggle to get the goal accomplished.  One key thing for home organization success is having the proper guidance and tips to carry out those no-fail systems in your home.  

I have a home organization secret weapon for you!  The Complete Book Of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley.  It is truly the perfect tool to walk you through the process of getting your home in order.  It is so well written and bursting with helpful tips and beautiful photos. I’m genuinely in love with the Book Layout Design that they have gone with – if I was to bring out a book of my own, I almost certainly will be turning to this for inspiration. Over the years Toni has mastered the art of implementing successful organized systems in her home.  She has shared these tips along with creating several handy printables to help get your home and life organized on her blog A Bowl Full Of Lemons.   Along with being my friend she is my inspiration.  Not only is she an inspiration to me, but to so many others. 

The Complete Book Of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley



In the book Toni shares that it is not about perfection, but about having balance in your home.  She walks you through each space in your home to show you just how to get that balance.  As I was going through her book I could relate and totally confirm that she is on point with the advice she shares.  For example,  in the book she mentions that her favorite tools for organizing her spices are lazy susans and drawers.  I totally agree.  I have my spices organized in a drawer by my stove and it works beautifully in my kitchen.   It was so funny because when I read this in her book I felt so proud like I was a student who just got the answer right in class.  

The Complete Book Of Home Organization is filled with so many visual inspirations that are so helpful as you read the detailed tips.   The tips that she shares are so relatable to me and simple to start in your home. 


I was also so honored when Toni included one of the spaces in my home in the before and after portion of her book.  So exciting seeing myself in print!

You all know I am a girl who is all about the details.  When I first received my book the first thing that I noticed and loved was the structure of the book.  It is such a beautifully  designed book.  I love the corner tabs, the motivating colors and gorgeous visuals.  It shows that Toni put the same thought and care into this book as she does her home.  
  1. Jenni Johnson says:

    Happy New Year Nikki!
    Wow! That’s wonderful that you got mentioned in the book. You must have been so proud! Did you know that she was going to do that or was it a surprise! You should write a book too. Any new videos coming? I miss you on YouTube. Bye for now!

  2. Nikki says:

    Happy New Year Jenni! Was such a honor to be included in the book. I knew I was going to be in the book. Getting back into the swing of things. Video posting Friday. So happy you are enjoying my videos Jenni and hope you are having a great week! Hugs and Love Nik

    • Hi Nikki my name is Elizabeth Jack I really enjoyed watching your video’s everyday and I really enjoyed and learning lots of things for your good Ideas thanks and God bless you

  3. Kathryn Karney says:

    Hi Nikki, I am getting organized for New Year and am loving your planner stickers! I am on my second Erin Condren planner and enjoy the peaceful hour when I plan my time and projects. I get so run down this time of year and your cute water bottle reminds me that I need to keep replenished. Thank you!

  4. Morgan says:

    Congratulations on the beautiful feature! I love your style! How fun that you are personal friends with Toni. 🙂

  5. Elizabeth Jack says:

    I Nikki my name is Elizabeth Jack I really interested in your videos thanks for sharing your videos to everyone and I learning lots of things from you I like cleaning my house to so thanks for share everything to me and every each of ones I really like to meets you one day and God bless you and your families

  6. Elizabeth Jack says:

    Hi Nikki my name is Elizabeth Jack I really enjoyed watching your video everything in YouTube so thank you for sharing your experience to everyone thanks God bless

  7. Busola says:

    Hello Nikki ,
    I watch you on Youtube but have never been on your blog page, i just purchased the book and look forward to reading your section.
    Have a lovely day.

  8. Stephanie says:

    I have watched a few of your videos and between you, Toni and a few others I am trying to get my small rental in to shape.

  9. Felecia M says:

    Hola como esta,

    Nikki you are the I located your site by accident, I was really looking for a way to organize and turn one of my five bedrooms into a walk in closet. however since viewing your site I have visit everyday for the pass 2 weeks. I have also sent your site to my best friend of 30 plus years, in Jacksonville, FL.

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