Simple Lunch Ideas

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Caprese Salad

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite lunch ideas. I have some really good subs near me for when I’m on the go which is just perfect for a quick lunch. Additionally, I love preparing simple dishes that are very tasty and filling. I must say that my all time favorite lunch is a Caprese Salad. The combination of fresh tomatoes with basil and mozzarella is simply divine! It takes approximately two minutes to put together which gives your plenty of time to sit down and enjoy this delicious meal.

simple lunch ideas

Spinach Wraps

When you are looking for a delicious lunch that can be made ahead of time then Spinach Wraps may be the perfect meal for you. These are so tasty and the crunch so satisfying. These would also be a fun lunch idea for children. Such a great way to switch it up from the traditional Peanut butter & Jelly sandwich. In my YouTube video I show you how to make these wraps. A must watch if you are interested in some new lunch inspirations.

simple lunch ideas

simple lunch ideas

The Smoothie

Many of us are avid lovers of smoothies. I love smoothies because they are simple to make, very filling, and you can make endless varieties. Plus, I love experimenting with different smoothie recipes. It’s one of the best ways to try foods that you may have otherwise ignored. My friend is always concocting different smoothie recipes with her new Ninja blender after reading its reviews, and she said they taste really good and better than they did before. So, I don’t think it will be long until I ask her for some recommendations of smoothie recipes (and blenders), to try throughout my week. Smoothies are also a great idea for breakfast. One of my favorite smoothies is the Key Lime Raspberry Smoothie. The taste is so creamy and delicious, and the bright red color is also very appealing. Check out my YouTube video if you are interested in seeing how I make this smoothie.

simple lunch ideas

The Soup Sampler

The soup sampler is a great lunch idea for office luncheons or if you have friends over for lunch. You make three of your favorite soups to give your guest a fun variety to sample. Add some warm bread and a side salad, and you have the perfect lunch that can feed many.

simple lunch ideas

Fruit Salad

Many of you know my love for fruit. I always welcome a fruit salad at my lunch table. You can make it ahead of time, and you have so many options when creating your salad.

I hope you enjoyed my sharing some of my favorite lunch choices. You can always find additional inspiration on my YouTube channel At Home With Nikki. Have a wonderful day friend!

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