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Make House Cleaning More Fun

Some people love to clean while others fail to see the attraction. No matter how you may feel about dusting and vacuuming, a meditative approach can make tidying up more fun and satisfying. 

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Use these techniques to help you create a calm atmosphere conducive to cleaning quickly and effectively.

A Sample Meditation on House Cleaning

1. Identify your motivation. Clarify your intentions. You can think about the tasks ahead as creating a more attractive and healthier environment for you and your family. Reflect on the good memories you’ve experienced in your home so you’ll want to take care of it.

2. Take full breaths. Maintaining good posture and breathing deeply from your abdomen will increase your energy level. You’ll be able to focus your mind and move more smoothly.

3. Coordinate your mantra and movements. Chanting mantras or any phrases that are meaningful to you is an effective form of meditation. Much like dancing, coordinate your body, speech, and mind so you’ll feel in the zone.

4. Imagine clearing away obstacles. Picture yourself scrubbing away any obstacles that slow you down. 

5. Visualize positive outcomes. Anticipate how much better your kitchen is going to look when you’re done mopping. Give yourself a pat on the back for making your living space more inviting.

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6. Dedicate your efforts. Doing things to benefit others can make any chore meaningful. Think how good the bed sheets will smell when you take them out of the dryer.

7. Time yourself. Both housework and meditation are less overwhelming if you break them down into manageable intervals. If you’re tired and juggling a lot of responsibilities, take just 10 or 15 minutes at a time to spruce up.

Cleaning Techniques That Create a Calm Atmosphere

1. Stay on top of things. Housekeeping is more enjoyable when you prevent messes from accumulating in the first place. A room that needs a few finishing touches will feel more tranquil than one that’s strewn with dirty laundry.

2. Be prepared. Stay on track by having all your supplies on hand. Fill a portable caddy with cleaning solutions and microfiber dust cloths. Have your Cleaning Checklist ready to help you plan and stay organized with your cleaning tasks

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3. Use the right equipment for the job. People who like cleaning have usually discovered tips that streamline difficult jobs. Use dishwashing powder on tough grease stains and a toothbrush for getting into tight corners. You can watch my video on how I clean stains using my 5 secret weapons.

4. Select eco-friendly products. While you’re being good to yourself, think about the environment too. Avoid toxic chemicals and disposable plastic bottles. You can even save money by substituting gentler cleansers like vinegar instead of commercial glass cleaning solutions.

5. Take your work outdoors. When the weather is nice, any job becomes more agreeable when you take it outdoors into the fresh air. Give your window blinds a bath in a washtub in the back yard. Polish your silver out on your balcony.

6. Appeal to your senses. Even if it’s pouring rain, you can have a good time by listening to your favorite music. Use a diffuser or scented candle to surround yourself with invigorating fragrances like peppermint or lemon.

7. Add some laughs. Housework and meditation can be fun. Lighten your mood by using a cheerful beach pail instead of a plain old bucket. Pick up some cheap t-shirts with funny slogans that will help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Photo by: Katie Charlotte Photography

House cleaning will become more pleasant and gratifying when you approach it with a calm mind. These meditation practices can refresh your spirits and your home.

Hugs and Love,

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