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Hello Friends! Fall is almost here. We all know fall brings cooler weather, the leaves change color, cozy sweaters, and “pumpkin spice lattes!” Fall is the transition of seasons, and like the seasonal change that occurs, we need to adapt the way we take care of our homes. Our homes are one of the most important investments. Since our home is valuable to use, we need to maintain it. Friends, I have tools, tips, and tricks for you to maintain your home year-round.  

The first step is to have a plan to clean. I like to reference Beautifully Organized at Home Planner to keep track of the daily, weekly, and even monthly cleaning checklist. As we enter Fall, we’ll spend more time at home, which can mean more messes in the home. I believe in your home. Therefore, it is important to set up systems to help your home run efficiently.

I believe cleaning the home is an equal opportunity event. Don’t be afraid to get the whole family involved. Make it a fun event with either a reward or a competition.

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The fun idea is to put all the tasks you need to do, like checking faucets for leaks or cleaning exterior Windows, on cleaning recipe cards. I like to get a cardholder, and within the cardholder, you’ll have a divider for each room in the house, like the living room, the foyer, guest bedroom, and a completed section. Each section on a “Cleaning Recipe Card” lists what you would like to get done in that room. Like for the living room, it can be clean and dust fan, reverse the direction of the fan when cleaned, and that would be a Fall task. Each of these cards can be laminated to make them easy to wipe off.

Photo Credit: Katie Charlotte Photography

You can have a cardholder for each season to really break down what you need to clean. Towards the front of every box, I have a list of cleaning supplies I need to clean. I like to get natural cleaning products from the Grove like sprays, disinfectants, and even sponges. I keep in mind that by September, I need these cleaning items to clean my home successfully.

The next step is to work the plan. Place your cardholder box out where it is visible to everyone, and I like to put it on my entryway table. This makes it easy to see, so you can pull a card from the card box each day you come home. The process is to take one card a day and work on that task for one hour; grab another if it can be completed sooner. An hour is your time limit. This can create a fun competition with kids or teens.

For each completed task, they can add their personalized dot sticker to the back of the card. At the beginning of each year, you can assign a dot color to each family member, and when they complete a task, they’ll place their dot on the back of the cleaning cards. Then, during your family meeting, you can tally up and see who completed the most tasks, and whoever completes the most tasks can get a reward.

Family members, kids, and teens feel a sense of accomplishment after completing cleaning tasks. I highly recommend this activity for families to do each season.

Friends, let’s not forget about the outside of our homes. A Home Maintenance Checklist is perfect for reminding you of important tasks for the upkeep of your home. In addition, this checklist is perfect for keeping track of your HVAC servicer and other companies you use to help maintain your home.  

If you need more cleaning tips and tricks, you can watch my video here, where I share my secret weapons for cleaning my kitchen with you!

As we change seasons, it is important to adapt your home to face many changes throughout the year. It is my pleasure to go on this journey with you to make our homes Beautifully Organized.   

Hugs and Love,


As summer shifts into fall, the kids return to school and you settle in for whatever the season brings.

For many of us, this means tasks around the house. Including the children in Home cleaning will provide you with plenty of opportunities for teachable moments.

Whether you plan to clean from floor to ceiling or just do a few little things, you can use some of your fall projects to educate your kids about a variety of topics. You can also use Gets it done cards for motivation or Loyalty cards to reward their dedication to cleaning the home. 

Cleaning Out Drawers

One task that many parents face with disdain is cleaning out drawers. However, you can use this project as a wonderful way to introduce young children to sorting and counting. Learning to group “like” things together is an important aspect of developing math skills.

For older kids, cleaning out drawers helps to sharpen organizational skills as they must decide how to store their clothing in an orderly fashion. Parents might offer suggestions or reinforce the choices their kids make when cleaning out drawers.

Raking Leaves

Teaching kids about how work pays off will put them on the road to work success in the future. One fall project that demonstrates how to have fun and get results from hard work is raking leaves.

Kids of all ages can join in. Parents can assign “jobs” depending on the kids’ ages. You can teach about taking responsibility for their jobs, the importance of cooperation, and the pride of getting the desired results from your work.  

While you’re raking leaves, feel free to educate your children about what happens to plants and animals when the weather starts cooling down. Ask questions about what they’ve studied in school that may relate to what you’re doing or to the changes that occur during fall.

Rearranging Furniture

Including your children in this Home project will provide plenty of teachable moments. 

Have a simple measuring tool, such as a sewing tape measure, that can be easily manipulated by little fingers. Assign jobs of measuring furniture width, height, and depth to the kids. These jobs pertain to all types of subjects: Math, Algebra, and maybe even Geometry. 

Encourage your children to visualize how the room will look with certain furniture placed in various ways. If it’s their own room, ask them what arrangement they’d like most. Then, discuss how and whether their plans will work. 

If you like, you can even have the kids sketch out their floor plans on graph paper as a simple introduction to design and engineering. Of course, you’ll want to show the kids about cleaning before you place furniture in its new space. 

Cleaning the Garage

In cleaning the garage, as in any task around the house, you can talk about a positive quality that your child has and reinforce their efforts. 

Also, encouraging your kids to think of “green” ways to re-use or recycle items you no longer want provides a fantastic way for them to learn about reducing your family’s carbon footprint. 

Discuss local charities and swap meets where you can take items you don’t want. You’re educating your children about those charities and why they’re necessary. Also, you’re teaching about the social agencies your community has to offer.  

Including your kids in your seasonal tasks may take a little more time and effort on your part. However, they’ll grow up loving to learn if you infuse education into working around the house. Increase your children’s chances for success by using fall home projects to provide teachable moments.

Hugs and Love,

Some people love to clean while others fail to see the attraction. No matter how you may feel about dusting and vacuuming, a meditative approach can make tidying up more fun and satisfying. 

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Photo by: Katie Charlotte Photography

Use these techniques to help you create a calm atmosphere conducive to cleaning quickly and effectively.

A Sample Meditation on House Cleaning

1. Identify your motivation. Clarify your intentions. You can think about the tasks ahead as creating a more attractive and healthier environment for you and your family. Reflect on the good memories you’ve experienced in your home so you’ll want to take care of it.

2. Take full breaths. Maintaining good posture and breathing deeply from your abdomen will increase your energy level. You’ll be able to focus your mind and move more smoothly.

3. Coordinate your mantra and movements. Chanting mantras or any phrases that are meaningful to you is an effective form of meditation. Much like dancing, coordinate your body, speech, and mind so you’ll feel in the zone.

4. Imagine clearing away obstacles. Picture yourself scrubbing away any obstacles that slow you down. 

5. Visualize positive outcomes. Anticipate how much better your kitchen is going to look when you’re done mopping. Give yourself a pat on the back for making your living space more inviting.

Photo by: Katie Charlotte Photography

6. Dedicate your efforts. Doing things to benefit others can make any chore meaningful. Think how good the bed sheets will smell when you take them out of the dryer.

7. Time yourself. Both housework and meditation are less overwhelming if you break them down into manageable intervals. If you’re tired and juggling a lot of responsibilities, take just 10 or 15 minutes at a time to spruce up.

Cleaning Techniques That Create a Calm Atmosphere

1. Stay on top of things. Housekeeping is more enjoyable when you prevent messes from accumulating in the first place. A room that needs a few finishing touches will feel more tranquil than one that’s strewn with dirty laundry.

2. Be prepared. Stay on track by having all your supplies on hand. Fill a portable caddy with cleaning solutions and microfiber dust cloths. Have your Cleaning Checklist ready to help you plan and stay organized with your cleaning tasks

Photo by: Katie Charlotte Photography

3. Use the right equipment for the job. People who like cleaning have usually discovered tips that streamline difficult jobs. Use dishwashing powder on tough grease stains and a toothbrush for getting into tight corners. You can watch my video on how I clean stains using my 5 secret weapons.

4. Select eco-friendly products. While you’re being good to yourself, think about the environment too. Avoid toxic chemicals and disposable plastic bottles. You can even save money by substituting gentler cleansers like vinegar instead of commercial glass cleaning solutions.

5. Take your work outdoors. When the weather is nice, any job becomes more agreeable when you take it outdoors into the fresh air. Give your window blinds a bath in a washtub in the back yard. Polish your silver out on your balcony.

6. Appeal to your senses. Even if it’s pouring rain, you can have a good time by listening to your favorite music. Use a diffuser or scented candle to surround yourself with invigorating fragrances like peppermint or lemon.

7. Add some laughs. Housework and meditation can be fun. Lighten your mood by using a cheerful beach pail instead of a plain old bucket. Pick up some cheap t-shirts with funny slogans that will help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Photo by: Katie Charlotte Photography

House cleaning will become more pleasant and gratifying when you approach it with a calm mind. These meditation practices can refresh your spirits and your home.

Hugs and Love,

Photo Credit: Christopher Shane Photography

Does clutter or dirt around the house nag at you mentally, adding item after item to your to-do list? Have you ever noticed how much more relaxed you feel when you come home to a tidy house?

Although some believe that having a neat home isn’t one of the essential aspects of life, the reality is that your spirits will uplift by having a certain amount of order in the house. And cleanliness matters, too!

If you’d like to see your mood improve, there are simple ways to do it without leaving your house! Which is a good thing because many of us can’t leave our home, thanks to COVID-19.

To lift your spirits and feel like your home is your sanctuary, consider these ideas:

1. The mood and tone of your home influences what you feel. The types of furnishings are less important than the level of cleanliness and a certain amount of order and organization.

  • Make small changes in your home that make you happy.
  • If you’ve had a hard day at work and return to a home that is disorganized and needs a good cleaning, your spirits will drop. But if you return to a home that is organized and clean, you’ll lift your spirits by merely walking in the door.

photo credit: Katie Charlotte Photography

2. Your home may be a reflection of your mood. Not only does the state of your home influence your mood, but the inverse is also true, according to some mental health experts. Studies indicate that how you handle your possessions in your home is a reflection of what you believe about yourself and how you feel.

  • Consider this: if you’re calm and relaxed by nature, the arrangement, organization, and cleanliness of your home most likely present serenity and peacefulness.
  • If you’re emotionally overwrought or plagued with anxiety or depression, your home may be cluttered, disorganized, or in need of a good cleaning.
  • If you’re feeling down and find yourself with a messy home, remember that when the home’s challenges around addressed, your emotional state may improve.

Photo Credit: Katie Charlotte Photography

3. To have a well-ordered home, sort and store your possessions in an organized fashion. An organized home means that you can find things when and where you need them. You don’t need a grand scheme to do this. Just store your keys near the door, your cooking utensils by the stove, and the kids’ toys near where they play.

  • Avoid getting overwhelmed by the task of organizing. Vow to organize just one room at a time.
  • You can even concentrate on one area of a room, like a desk or a corner that you find particularly troublesome.
  • You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel at home if you begin to tidy up in small ways.

4. It’s okay to ask for help. Perhaps your home is too big or too disorganized for you to feel comfortable tackling it on your own. Or maybe you’re just too busy. My passion is helping others in their home to bring beauty and order to their space. If you are feeling overwhelmed, schedule a virtual home organizing session with me here.

  • Spouses and kids are a great place to start asking for help. After all, they live there, too! And they undeniably contribute to dirt and clutter. Give them specific tasks, and watch your house get clean before your eyes! Most importantly, implement weekly family home meetings. Check out my video for tips on running a successful family home meeting.
  • If you have the financial resources, treating yourself to a professional cleaning once or twice a year can be a wonderful gift to yourself. And the results can last for weeks or even months!
  • Having your own home is marvelous. And tailoring your house to suit your personal preferences is crucial to making you feel like your home is your castle. Do everything you can to keep your home organized, neat, and clean. You’ll feel glad you did each time you walk in the door.

Hugs and Love, Nikki

Disclaimer: #Ad Links shared in this post are affiliate links.  

It’s no secret that I love organizing. I love making lists. I love anything that promises to make my life easier and more efficient.

That’s why, within minutes of receiving this stylish, multi-functional enamel caddy from Grove Collaborative, I’d already thought of a reason to order two more!


It’s also why I’m so excited to be a Grove Collaborative affiliate and share this free offer with you: When you place your first order of $20 from Grove Collaborative using my affiliate link you’ll get this free caddy filled with Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap, hand soap, and lotion – plus free shipping! Last day is TODAY!

Caddies are perfect for neatly storing and carrying just about anything around your home.

Of course, you could go the traditional route and fill it with multi-purpose spray, microfibers, a wand duster, Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap, and so on. But why stop there?

Here are five creative ways to use your Grove Collaborative caddy:

1.Mini herb or succulent garden

I love the idea of a kitchen herb garden in an unconventional planter. Add a few inches of gravel or pebbles for drainage, then a layer of potting soil, and your plants. My favorite herbs to grow are basil, cilantro, and rosemary. Another benefit of the caddy: The handle makes it easy to carry your plants to the sink for watering!

  1. Garden tool organizer

Here’s a gardening hack for all my green thumb friends: Turn your Grove caddy into a garden tool organizer! Fill it with a cute pair of gloves, trowel, pruning shears, hand rake, and kneeling board. Easily carry your garden tools around the yard instead of running back and forth to the shed, or even install the caddy on the side of the shed for those tools in near-constant use. Putting them on the side of an EasyShed Garden Shed would make them easy to get and handy to use, and you could even get a few more to have a matching set to store your seeds, fertilizers, and weed repellants in. It’d be a fantastic organising tool to help declutter that shed!

Speaking of a garden shed, when it comes to storing larger items, of course they won’t fit in this caddy, which is why knowing that there are 400 garden sheds for sale through sites like GardenSite is something worth knowing. If this doesn’t convince you to get a shed, then I don’t know what would!

When you’re done gardening, Meyer’s hand soap and lotion are perfect for pampering hardworking hands.

  1. Hair tool organizer

Low on storage space under the bathroom sink? Create a styling station with your hair dryer, brush, flat iron or curling iron, and products all within reach.

  1. Dog toy holder

Your furry best friend will love this trick: Turn the caddy into a dog toy bin that matches your decor. Fill the caddy with tennis balls, stuffed animals, and other toys. Your pup can reach his own toys, and you won’t have to worry about stepping on a squeaky toy in the middle of the stairs!

  1. Ice chest

Raise your hand if you’re ready for patio season! This caddy is just the right size to hold ice and a few bottles of wine or lemonade. It’s easy to carry outside, and so much cuter than a plastic cooler. I also recommend adding Murphy’s Naturals mosquito repellent candles to your Grove order to keep summer pests away from your party! Pests can be a real pain during the summer, especially if you want to enjoy time in your garden. Moreover, garden pests can be difficult to avoid completely, however, if your yard seems to be overrun, you might want to consider reaching out to a pest control service in order to find a solution. For more information about combatting pests, go to

Tell me, how will you use your Grove cleaning caddy? Don’t forget to grab your free set while supplies last. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for Grove Collaborative here. You will receive the Mrs. Meyers hand soap, Mrs. Meyers hand lotion, Mrs. Myers dish soap and white cleaning caddy for free when you sign up!
  2. To receive this offer, your order needs to be a minimum of $20. Choose the combination of products and scents you love and receive your first box within a few days.
  3. You made it! Click Finish & Pay and place your order.

Tip to save: Once you have submitted your Grove order, you will be signed up for the free 60 day VIP trial. For 60 days, save even more with free shipping, free gifts, price matching, exclusive sales and personal service.

Have a beautiful day!


If you live or work in a small place, I am sure you will agree that there are two things that are a sure thing when it comes to small spaces. One, every corner, of a small space is valuable real estate and two; it takes no time for small areas to become a mess. A perfect example is my coffee/kitchen station in my office. I think I’ve got the Best Coffee Maker on the market (from the ones I’ve tried) and it makes a great cup of coffee; the only issue is that it makes a mess too if you don’t keep on top of it! I wanted to do a mini makeover on our coffee station to give it a much needed deep cleaning and to have it function more like a breakfast station for myself and my team. I’ve been looking for coffee equipment reviews for a while now and I was going to buy a new coffee machine until I realised how easy they are to clean. The coffee machine we’re using at the minute is perfect, and it looks even better now it’s cleaned! When I told my friend I was looking at buying a coffee machine, she told me to check out this review to help me decide but I’m quite glad I don’t have to buy another. We have all been so busy that we have been doing a rush cleaning job at the end of the day. Because this is a highly utilized area the coffee stains, my make-up markings and dust were taking over! It was time to do a deep cleaning and quickly!

I am excited to announce that this blog post is sponsored by Mr. Clean.

As always Mr. Clean was right on time as I started this mini makeover journey. I am so excited to share with you how fantastic the new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Durafoam works in tackling the impossible household stains. It is the featherweight cleaning champ! The size alone is a selling point for me. I do not have much space in my office kitchen area, and I love how light and compact this powerful multi-tasker is. It is my must-have all around my home and office especially in those hard to clean spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom. Whether a burnt-on stove top mess or bathtub filled with scum the Magic Eraser with Durafoam has my back!

Now that I had my cleaning buddy in hand I was ready to tackle our coffee bar area. One of the spots that I could not wait to handle was our coffee maker. It was disgusting! It gets dirty so quickly, and luckily it took me all of 15 seconds to get it clean with my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Durafoam! I love that once I cleaned the coffee maker, I could rinse off the Magic Eraser and keep going.

Next, it was time to hit our drawer which became a catch-all for coffee items. I cleared all of the things and transformed it into our oatmeal drawer. Now we have a place to come and prepare a quick breakfast instead of running to McDonald’s every morning.

You always can find where I have been if you follow my make-up stain trail. My make-up markings were all over the cabinets, and this can look awful. I now secretly keep a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Durafoam tucked away to rub away these markings quickly.

Now that I had the coffee area cleaned to perfection, it was time to implement a few new touches for a complete refresh. I started by adding some beautiful white bowls in a basket so that the team could quickly prepare their oatmeal in the morning. Plus, we do not have much storage place, so the basket provides a beautiful way to display the bowls and coffee cups. When setting up space, I wanted to make sure that all items were easy to grab so that it saved everyone time in the morning and made it extremely convenient. We now have a water unit in the lobby that provides hot water which is perfect!

I removed the canisters that were on the counter and simplified things by purchasing little white sugar holders which saves space and makes it easier to grab a packet of sugar when needed.

We now have the perfect morning go-to here at the office. It is inviting now that I have deep cleaned and tweaked it to function as both a place to get that must-have coffee in the morning and a place where my team has the ability to grab breakfast at the office. I also make sure that I descale my coffee maker every once in a while, just to make sure it’s as clean as possible. There are lots of online articles such as ‘How Do You Descale a Keurig Coffee Maker‘, that can help you out if you’re unsure of how to clean it properly. There is always help available when it comes to cleaning tips!!

You can find the all-new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Durafoam at grocery, retail, home improvement, e-commerce, club and mass merchandise stores nationwide. Click here to learn more about this cleaning must-have.

Have a beautiful day! -Nikki


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