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Organizing with Baskets

Hi Friends,
One item I love to organize my home with is baskets. Baskets are a great way to keep an array of things in one place. When it comes to organizing I like to follow a system. This system allows me to organize and decorate my space. I want to share with you my system, and I hope it works for you as much as it works for me.

1. Before you start decluttering the space, create a sorting station by taking a post-it note and label each with KEEP, PURGE, DONATE, and OTHER.

The first step is to set up the space. Before you start decluttering, set up the space with three bins. After that, label the first bin “Keep,” the second “Purge,” and the third bin is “Donate,” and the last bin is “Other.”

The first bin is labeled “Keep,” this is where you will put the items you are going to keep in your space.

The second step is to “Purge.” These are the items you’re going to get rid of. These would be items that are expired, damaged, or outdated. My advice is if you have not used this item in a year, or the item is broken or damaged, get rid of it. Clear out those items and place them in the “Purge” bin. If the item is still in good condition, consider donating the item, and this leads me to my next step.

“Donate” the items that are still in good condition. Give the item to a friend or donate it to a local charity. These items could be a blessing to someone else. By clearing and donating these items, you know you have valuable space available to you.

Photo Credit: Katie Charlotte Photography

The last bin, “Other,” probably has you scratching your head. The “Other” bin is for items that belong in your house but are in the wrong location. With this bin, you’re going to put in items that have been misplaced and put them in their designated home.

2. Now that the items are clear, clean and wipe down the space. Now is the perfect time to really get into the space and clean away any debris, dust, or crumbs that might have gathered.

Photo Credit: Katie Charlotte Photography  

3. Next, Evaluate the type of bins you need. Ask yourself how you need to organize this space, how will this space be utilized by the family? Take into consideration the size of the items so that you can shop for the correctly sized bins. If you have an existing bin, coordinate with those bins to create and inform look.

4. Shop for baskets. This is the fun part. I like bins that coordinate with my aesthetic. I have a couple of options for baskets, bins, and acrylic organizers in my Amazon store. These are the perfect solution to any space.

5. Now that you have your bins, it’s time to label. I use my Cricut to print out labels. They have a variety of font options that are beautiful and visible. Using the Circut is easy, and any labeling projects can be completed in an afternoon. Set up a system labeling system so that family knows where to put the items. I have a “video” on how I use my Cricut to make labels.

Photo Credit: Katie Charlotte Photography  

6. Arrange the baskets in your space, and here’s an organizer tip: make sure you leave the tags on just in case you need to exchange the item.

7. Place the items in the correct bins and baskets. This is now the designated place for you item.

8. Label the basket with the items it contains. It is a great way to hold family members accountable to put the item back in the right place. This will also save time when looking for items in the house.

Photo Credit: Christopher Shane Photography

9. The last thing I like to do is add “cleaning the space,” to my “Home Cleaning Checklist”. It is easy to get busy and forget to clean items. The “Home Cleaning Checklist” is to hold you accountable and have a written.

Now, celebrate your new space. It’s always a great accomplishment to take on and improve a space. I hope your new space brings you ease, and beauty.

Hugs and Love,


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