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How To Organize Your Spice Drawer

Spices make an average meal extraordinary. Therefore, I like to keep my spice cabinet filled with a variety of options. There are many stores that carry spice racks, spice trays, or even spice organizers. I have come up with a beautiful yet easy way to organize your spices.

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I prefer to keep my spices out of sight. I have tried many methods. A countertop spice rack is a great option for someone with limited space or just moving in. This method is also great for people with just a few favorite spices they use. This option is not ideal for a person that has a lot of spices because it will create a lot of clutter on your countertop. So, if you choose to go with the spice rack option, choose a couple of your favorite spices to put out.

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My favorite method is the drawer method. It depends on your space, but the goal is to pull out a drawer and see all the spices you have in one place. A pro tip I would like to share with you all is to put your spices into glass jars. By putting your spices into glass jars, you allow them to stay fresher longer. The problem with plastic is that sometimes it allows humidity to get into the containers. Another downside to plastic containers is the chance of microscopic plastic particles getting into your spices.

To avoid your spices from going bad, you can switch out the plastic containers for these great glass containers I found here. The great thing about this project is that it is easy to do and is affordable. It can easily be done in one weekend.

To optimize your space, label each spice with the name of the spice, and on the back of the container put the expiration date. This will help keep your drawer cohesive. If you have spices where you are not sure what the expiration date is, or it has rubbed off, I would utilize my pantry guide. This will provide you with great guidelines for how long to keep items in your pantry. 

If you know me, I have come up with an even easier way to remember when to check the expiration dates. Instead of going through all of my spices individually and checking their dates, I created the one-year rule where I have them all on a yearly rotation to stay fresh to make the process easy. Another great way to optimize your spice drawer is to put all spices in alphabetical order. 

If a spice drawer isn’t an option, a spice tray that is also a lazy susan is a great alternative. This would be set up the same as a spice drawer, except it will have the ease and mobility of a tray. In addition, a spice tray can be stored out of sight in your pantry.

To prepare your spice drawer, I start off by cleaning out the glass containers. Let them dry completely, and create the labels. You can easily make labels with your Cricut, or you can find the same labels I used on Amazon. The best part of these spice containers is that they stack together easily and create a seamless look. The key to lining up the labels just right on each jar is using a level.

Once you complete your first label using the level, you will have a beautiful and streamlined look, and you will be able to use the first jar as your guide for the rest. Using a silicone funnel, I pour each of the spices into each container without making a mess.

Friends, I hope you are able to gain some inspiration after this project. Also, I hope your spice drawers are nice and beautifully organized.

You can also watch my video here on how I refreshed and organized my spices. Please feel free to share your creations at

Hugs and Love,

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