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My Living Room Refresh and Organizing with Hobby Lobby

The following is a sponsored blog written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby for Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.

Spring is that season when new life begins, winter fades away, and department stores start to bring all of the vibrant colors back. Motivation sets in to spring clean and bring spring into my home. Hobby Lobby is my one-stop shop to find little touches to perfect my living room. Hobby Lobby has aisles and aisles of inspiration. They strategically place coordinated items together to make choosing the perfect decor a breeze!

To begin my living room refresh, I remove all accessories from the room, with just my neutral-colored furniture remaining, leaving me with a blank canvas. Next, I give the room a deep cleaning. Not only do I dust and mop the entire room, but I also use a specially made mop to clean the walls. Walls collect dust, and you will be shocked to see what comes off! Give it a try when you complete your spring cleaning this year.

After the cleaning is complete, it is time to reset the room. Rearranging accessories and items and adding my new treasures brought a new fresh feeling to the room. Hobby Lobby had the perfect yellow pillow covers to give the pop of color that I was looking for without being too overpowering for someone like me who is very neutral with colors. I prefer pillow covers over purchasing new pillows each season as it is more cost-effective. I also found smaller accent pillows for my chairs and the perfect black-framed mirror to hang on the wall between my living room and entryway, which brought out the black color of the railing in my staircase.

Don’t be afraid to do simple DIY projects to pull your look together. To match the new style I was bringing to the room, I repainted my coffee table with white chalk paint, and it instantly brightened the room. I effortlessly styled the table using a tray to organize my remotes, coasters, and a plant. I also picked up my favorite black frames for a DIY project to frame prints I already had. When putting together a grouping of frames, I suggest using a level to create a seamless and perfectly aligned look.

Lastly, breathe new life back into functional decor you already have on hand, like the baskets I use in my cabinet to store games and blankets.

Use decorative bowls or glassware to store pens and journals as I have on my side tables.

Friends, you do not have to spend a lot to make a room feel new. Deep cleaning, rearranging, and the addition of a few new decor pieces will impact your space, giving it a new look and feel. You can watch my video here to see how I organize and give my living room a makeover.

I would love to know what decor and colors you will be using this spring. Which spring cleaning project is first on your to-do list?

Happy Refreshing!

Hugs and Love,

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