Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Workspace

Maintaining an organized desk and workspace is very important to work efficiently, regardless of where you work. Your workspace can become disorganized when you focus on important deadlines and tasks.

With spring right around the corner, consider taking a day or two to concentrate on resetting your workspace. You’ll thank yourself later when everything you need quickly and efficiently is at your fingertips!

Consider some of the following cleaning tips for your workspace:

1. File away your paperwork. Paperwork can get out of hand fast. Spend time sorting through your paperwork. File essential papers away, and shred any personal documents that are no longer needed.

* Put all loose paperwork into a filing system and keep folders for any paperwork currently being worked on. As new papers come in, immediately try to deal with them instead of leaving them on your desk for later.

2. Clean your work surfaces. Now that you can see the bottom of your desk, take advantage of the opportunity to clean the surface underneath the old clutter. Also, take time to clean your desk items, such as staplers, pens, and paper trays.

3. Make your business contacts digital. Business cards are a thing of the past. Set up a digital business card for efficiency and to reduce paper clutter.

4. Deal with old reminder notes. If you have post-it notes all around the office, sift through them and throw out the ones that no longer apply. Reorganize them by priority, or make digital files to keep track of them. Post-its can get disorganized fast, so if you have something on a post-it that’s a long-term project, it’s better to keep your notes on your computer. For the post-it notes you feel are significant, conceal them in a journal on your desk that can double as a mouse pad.

5. Deal with digital clutter. Cleaning your workspace doesn’t apply only to your physical workspace. Be sure to consider your digital workspace, such as your hard drive. Go through your e-mail and delete those you don’t need or file them away. Check out our desktop organizer! This organizer helps get your digital workspace in order–and looking beautiful too.

* Clean up your computer desktop and delete or back up old files to an external drive. Take time to back up your files frequently to ensure you never lose important work.

6. Organize your supplies. Gather your work supplies into one area of your desk and keep them in that space or a specific drawer. Giving work supplies a permanent place reduces the clutter that can become scattered in and around your work space.

7. Clean the areas around the room. Vacuum around your desk and wash the windows, baseboards, and more. As it is not typically an area you often think about, it is likely due for a cleaning.

8. Make a future cleaning schedule. If spring cleaning for your workspace was a burden on you, it probably means that you let things get out of hand this year. Consider creating a periodic cleaning schedule for your workspace. A cleaning routine will make it easier to maintain and keep beautiful.

* Once you have an organizational system, you can spend maybe 30 minutes per week keeping everything clean and organized.

It’s always a good idea to keep your workspace nice and clean. It helps you be more efficient, productive, and less stressed. Plus, a clean office environment is more inviting and motivating to you, your clients, and your co-workers. For more tips on organizing your workspace, check out my book Beautifully Organized At Work.

Hugs and Love, Nikki

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