How To Organize Your Desk When You’re A Mess

As a busy entrepreneur, it can be hard to keep your desk organized, but that does not mean it has to be mission impossible. A few steps can turn your cluttered work-space into an efficient and productive area. Let’s look at how to organize your desk like a pro when feeling overwhelmed with paperwork and clutter.

Start With a Clean Slate
The first step to organizing your desk is to clear out the clutter. Remove everything from the top of your desk, sort through it, and decide what needs to stay and what can go in the trash or recycling bin. Do not forget items such as; old sticky notes, paperclips, pens that no longer work, and anything else unnecessary for your daily tasks. You will be amazed at how much physical space you free up when ridding yourself of unnecessary items!

Create Separate Work Areas
If you have multiple projects happening, designate one area for each project so that you do not mix up the materials or paperwork associated with them. Separate work areas make it easier to find what you need quickly and efficiently while keeping everything neat and tidy in its own designated area.

Organize Your Supplies
Once you have separated your supplies into their own areas, start organizing them into categories such as office supplies (pens, paper clips), reference materials (books, magazines), technology items (laptop charger), and more. Separating will help ensure that all of your necessary items are within reach when needed without having to search through multiple piles for one item. Finally, consider investing in storage solutions like drawers or shelves so that everything has its own place—this way, nothing is left out in the open collecting dust!

Taking time to organize your desk can help make working from home much more enjoyable! By starting with a clean slate and creating separate work areas with organized supplies within reach when needed, you can transition between tasks without having to search through piles of papers or office supplies every time you need something. If you feel overwhelmed by all the mess on your desk right now – take heart – this, too, shall pass! Soon you will have an organized work-space ready for maximum productivity!

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