As a busy woman, wife, and mom, finding the motivation to tackle the exhausting task of organizing your home may seem ambitious. Trying to keep up with online classes, grocery trips, and endless laundry loads can feel overwhelming when you add extra tasks like decluttering your house onto your to-do list. Fear not; there are several reasons why you may have trouble committing to this vital job. In today’s blog post, we will be exploring those reasons so that you can understand why no matter how hard you try, something always gets in the way of achieving an organized environment at home.


• Feeling overwhelmed with being unsure of where to start. 
• Feeling it is a waste of time. 
• Thinking there is not enough money to buy new furniture or decorations. 
• Feeling there is not enough storage space. 
• Fear of messing up, leaving it worse than it was before.
• Feelilng it will be too much work, reducing time to relax and unwind.
• Thinking it will be a never-ending job.
• Feeling there is no time or energy to get the job done.
• Being afraid of change.


Feeling overwhelmed with being unsure of where to start. 

Organizing can seem daunting, but with a few simple steps, you will be well on your way to achieving your home organizing goals. Start by breaking up the space into manageable sections and take it one day at a time. The best way to get started is to identify the items that need to stay and the items that need to go. As you progress, create systems, like baskets or drawers, that allow easy access to frequently used items. Additionally, try not to worry too much about perfection. Everything is not exactly where it should be 100% of the time, and that will be OK. If you have set up a system that works for you, do not be afraid to roll with the punches! You will feel more motivated and productive when you begin seeing some progress. Before you know it, organizing dilemmas you once had will be resolved! Bonus: you get an added sense of accomplishment too!


Feeling it is a waste of time. 

Many of us have experienced the feeling – you set aside an entire day to organize your home and later realize it was a massive waste of time. Feeling that time is wasted can be discouraging and often makes us question why we bother with organizing in the first place. Despite feeling frustrated, organizing your home is essential for our mental well-being and overall lifestyle. Not only does it create efficient and functional spaces, but it also helps reduce stress and keep our homes clean by cutting down on clutter. Thinking about the benefits can help motivate you to approach organizing with renewed enthusiasm, thus making it much more manageable instead of overwhelming.


Thinking there is not enough money to buy new furniture or decorations. 

Feeling the urge to spruce up your interior design but do not have the funds? You are not alone – financial limitations can be a source of frustration. But do not let that stop you from transforming your space into something spectacular! Creativity, imagination, and elbow grease can breathe new life into a tired room without breaking the budget. Adding accessories like books, candles, throw pillows, artwork, and plants can create improvements that cost little yet bring big rewards. A fresh coat of paint is another great way to update without spending money. And who knows? By taking the time to do projects yourself, you may enjoy the process and connect with your home in unexpected ways.


Feeling there is not enough storage space. 

If you are running out of room, there are plenty of creative solutions to maximize your storage space. Clearing up the clutter in your home and getting organized can help reduce stress and improve the look of any room. Start by assessing items in each area that may need to be stored, then consolidate items into multipurpose areas that can be easily accessed and kept neat. Replacing bulky furniture with multi-functional pieces is also an option and can give a room a modern, updated feel. In addition, adding additional storage units such as shelves or even vertical storage pieces can make a big difference without taking up too much floor space. With determination and planning, you will soon have ample storage space, no matter how small!


Fear of messing up, leaving it worse than it was before.

Organizing your home can seem like a daunting task, especially if you are afraid of making it worse than before. It is normal to feel apprehensive, but no matter what, there is always light at the end of the tunnel! Start small by setting a goal to only focus on specific aspects, such as decluttering and tidying up individual rooms. Having a plan will be vital. Set aside time and set benchmarks so you can track your progress. Taking baby steps will eventually lead to an organized home that brings out feelings of accomplishment and joy. With determination and patience, you will soon reach your goal of creating an orderly atmosphere!


Feeling it will be too much work, reducing time to relax and unwind.

Weekends can be relaxing, but weekends can also be an opportunity to organize your home. If you look at organizing your home as one big project, you can begin feeling overwhelmed. It is helpful to start small and focus on one task at a time. Taking on too much all at once can quickly become exhausting. Try setting aside only 30 minutes each weekend and commit to organizing something specific – like reclaiming the kitchen counter or sorting through forgotten paperwork. Even little tasks like this help make the goal of an organized space feel much more achievable over time.


Thinking it will be a never-ending job.

When it comes to organizing our homes, it can feel like an endless cycle. But with a few simple strategies, keeping your home neat and orderly can become much less daunting. It helps to focus on one room or area at a time, setting goals for what you want to be accomplished within a reasonable amount of time. Then break that task down into smaller tasks you can do incrementally over several days. Before tackling the mess, designate storage areas specifically for items that do not have a place yet. Apart from making progress towards creating the organized home you want, organizing your living space can also provide a much-needed sense of calm and control in chaotic times.


Feeling there is no time or energy to get the job done.

Home organization is often overlooked as necessary until it feels too overwhelming to complete. Even the tidiest homes can benefit from it. When you think your home is not dirty enough to warrant organization, consider how much easier it would be to find items, entertain a guest, or even relax when everything has an assigned space and is in its rightful place. There are many approaches to organizing any room and ensuring things stay in place without feeling too restricted. Begin by researching what methods may work best for you and your living arrangements. Even though it may seem daunting at first, decluttering and organizing can actually become quite satisfying!


Feeling there is no time or energy to get the job done.

Despite having limited time and energy, organizing your home can still be achieved! A few small efforts daily can make a big difference in maintaining order at home. Start with simple things, like allocating one hour daily to cleaning up any clutter. Another great tip is to create designated spaces for different items and encourage everyone in the family to use them. With patience, dedication, and clever tactics such as low pledge organizing or multi-purpose storage solutions, you will soon see the positive effects of your organizational efforts!


Being afraid of change.

It is normal to feel uncertain or anxious when organizing your home; after all, it requires you to make big decisions that could permanently alter the look of your space and its function. Instead of allowing fear of change to hold you back, try viewing it as an opportunity! When you organize your home, you will create a comfortable environment where everything has its place. You will be surprised by how much time, energy, and money you save in the process, and you can enjoy the increased sense of peace you have each time you come home! The best way to recognize and overcome the fear of making changes is by starting small, setting achievable goals, and celebrating tiny victories. Do not let too much time pass without appreciating all that comes with embracing change in life.

When organizing your home, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start. You may think the organization of your home is a waste of time or money, especially if you do not have the extra funds to buy new furniture or decorations. Additionally, organizing can feel like an uphill battle; you may struggle with limited storage space and fear that organizing will make the place worse than it was before. It also requires a lot of physical work and effort, leaving you with little energy, let alone time for having fun and relaxing on the weekends. Furthermore, organizing your home can be daunting because it feels like an endless task, and some people simply do not like change. Creating small steps towards organizing your home reduces the chance you will become overwhelmed or discouraged and will set you up for success. You got this! -Nikki

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