How To Organize Your Makeup and Understanding Make-up Expiration Dates

If you’re anything like me, makeup is not necessarily your favorite thing but is a part of your daily routine. We all have our go-to products, as well as some not-so-go-to products hidden in the depths of our drawers. While makeup is a great tool to enhance our features, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to organize it all, from remembering which product to use when to understanding when to let go of expired makeup. In this post, I’ll be sharing my personal tips for organizing your makeup and understanding expiration dates.

1. Dump it all out – Yes, ALL of it!
To begin organizing your makeup collection, start by dumping everything out. This will give you an overview of everything you have and allow you to get rid of any products that you no longer use or have gone bad. It also makes it easier to categorize, and you might even find some long-lost products that you have forgotten about.

2. Categorize by type
Once you have gone through everything, categorize your products by type—for example, separate lipsticks from liners, and foundations from concealers. By sorting your products, you can easily identify what you have and streamline the process of getting ready.

3. Clean out your products
For each category, set aside anything that has expired. If you are unsure about the expiration date, check the packaging or do a quick Google search to make sure. Using expired products can cause irritation, breakouts, or worse. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! This also gives you an opportunity to clean the packaging of your products and brushes.

4. Invest in organizers
Now that you’ve sorted everything out and gotten rid of any expired products, it’s time to put everything in its place. Invest in organizers that will fit your space and your needs. Drawer dividers, acrylic holders, and small baskets are great options for separating your products, and it makes everything easier to find. If you have limited counter space, consider a hanging organizer for your bathroom or closet door.

5. Remember the expiration dates
Makeup expiration dates can be overwhelming, but they are important to keep in mind to maintain healthy skin. Most products have a symbol on the packaging that indicates how many months the product is good for once it has been opened. For example, some eye shadows may be good for only six months, while some lipsticks may last up to two years. Keep this in mind when purchasing products, and make an effort to use them before their expiration date. In my book “Beautifully Organized,” I share with you a guide to understanding your makeup expiration dates.

In conclusion, organizing your makeup collection can seem overwhelming, but it is a great way to keep yourself safe and streamline your daily routine. Remember to categorize by type, get rid of expired products, invest in organizers that fit your needs, and keep in mind the expiration dates of products. Taking the time to organize your collection properly now can save you time, money, and potential skin problems in the future. Happy organizing!

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