How to Create the Perfect Snack Drawer

As a professional organizer, I’m constantly discovering new ways to make homes more efficient and functional. One of my recent projects was with a client who wanted a dedicated snack drawer in her media room. She loved creating trail mix and wanted a space where her family could easily grab their favorite snacks. She gave me the perfect inspiration to create a comprehensive guide on setting up your own snack drawer!

Step 1: Choose the Right Drawer
First things first select a drawer that is easily accessible. It should be at a convenient height for everyone in the household, and preferably close to the kitchen or entertainment area where you usually enjoy snacks.

Step 2: Gather Your Containers
To make the most of your snack drawer, you’ll need containers that fit well and are easy to use. I recommend the Polder 1.4 quart and 2 quart containers. What I love about these is the built-in handle on the lid, which means you don’t need to pull out the entire container to access the snacks. Simply lift the lid and you’re in!

Step 3: Categorize Your Snacks
A well-organized snack drawer is all about categorization. Think about the types of snacks you enjoy from sweet, savory, or healthy, and create sections within the drawer for each type. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:
* Sweet Snacks: These could include granola bars, fruit snacks, or chocolates. Use one container for each type of snack to avoid mix-ups.
* Savory Snacks: Think pretzels, popcorn, or chips. Consider using smaller containers for single-serve snacks to maintain freshness.
* Healthy Snacks: Items like nuts, dried fruits, or rice cakes can be stored in larger containers, as they tend to have longer shelf lives.

Step 4: Organize and Arrange
Once you have your containers filled with your chosen snacks, it’s time to arrange them in the drawer. You want to make sure your containers are arranged in the same direction to keep with a clean look.

Step 5: Maintenance and Refill
A well-stocked snack drawer is a happy snack drawer! Schedule a weekly or bi-weekly check to ensure you’re not running low on your favorite snacks. With the Polder containers, refilling is a breeze just pop the lid open, add more snacks, and you’re good to go.

Bonus Tips
* If you’re creating a snack drawer for a family, consider labeling the containers with names or types of snacks. This adds a personal touch and helps everyone find what they’re looking for.
* For those who prefer healthy options, dedicate a section of the drawer to healthier snacks like raw nuts or fruit strips.
* If you enjoy making your own trail mix, consider adding smaller containers with different mix-ins like M&Ms, dried berries, or coconut flakes. This way, you can create a custom mix anytime you like.

Creating a snack drawer is not only a fun project but also an efficient way to keep your favorite treats organized and accessible. I hope these tips inspire you to create your own snack drawer that suits your tastes and lifestyle. Enjoy snacking and happy organizing!

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