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Working from home instead of the office means trading in one set of distractions for another. Plus, you need to supervise yourself. How can you stay focused when your kids are bored, and Netflix just added your favorite show? 

Remote work has lots of advantages, like greater flexibility and zero commuting time. However, in order to get your work done, it’s important to create a system that keeps you focused and productive.

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You can succeed at remote work by providing your own structure and motivation. Use these ideas for dealing with internal and external distractions.

Dealing with Internal Distractions:

1. Think positive. Build your own morale. Think about the things you like about your job. Appreciate the opportunity to do meaningful work that stretches your skills and helps others.

2. Set goals. Give yourself specific targets to strive for. Know what you want to accomplish each day and over the long term.

3. Write a list. Use paper and pen or a free app to make a to-do list. Block out realistic time for each task.

4. Schedule your day. Figure out your priorities and the hours when you’re most effective. Devote most of your resources to the activities that create real value.

5. Designate a workspace. Carving out an area exclusively for work will help you keep your mind on your job. It can be a spare room or one corner in your studio apartment.

6. Reduce discomfort. Pay attention to ergonomics, especially if you’re working at home full-time. Arrange your workspace for maximum efficiency. Ask your employer if they’ll help cover the costs for equipment like headphones to reduce straining your neck during phone calls.

7. Take breaks. You’ll accomplish more if you allow yourself generous helpings of downtime. Try to pause and relax before you feel fatigued.

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8. Move around. Exercise reduces stress and restores your energy. Use some of your break time to stretch and jump rope. Go for a walk or do yoga during your lunch hour.

Dealing with External Distractions:

1. Ask for support. Let your boss, coworkers, family, and friends know when you need help. Be willing to return the favor when you see them struggling.

2. Arrange childcare. Finding someone to watch your kids has become more difficult for many parents. Keep in touch with other families to learn about options near you or ask your employer about taking leave if necessary.

3. Set boundaries. Let others know the hours when you’re available for collaboration, and when you need to work without interruptions. Shut your door and turn the volume down on your phone for tasks that require concentration.

4. Interact with others. On the other hand, socializing is a valuable part of your workday too. Participate in virtual happy hours and stick around to chat before and after video meetings.

5. Play music. This is your chance to control the soundtrack at work. Create a variety of playlists to mask background noise or stimulate creative thinking.

6. Eat healthy. Your kitchen can be a distraction too. Plan your daily menu in advance around nutritious meals and snacks. It’s easier to turn down junk food when you feel full.

Check out our monthly meal plan that includes meals for every day of the month, along with coordinating recipes and videos for every meal. All for only $5 per month.

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7. Limit media. Facebook and streaming videos may consume much of your day unless you eliminate such temptations. Find methods that work for you such as turning off notifications or setting time limits on sites where you tend to linger too long.

Develop the communication and organizational skills you’ll need to excel at working from home. You can be a high performer whether you’re sitting in a cubicle or on your patio.

Hugs and Love,

Whether you are saving for a house deposit, or perhaps something a little smaller, there are things that you can do at home to save money.

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Try these tips and watch your savings grow:

1. Make a shopping list. How many times have you gone to the grocery store and ended up buying things you think you wanted rather than the things you actually needed?

  • If you use a magnetic whiteboard and put it on your fridge, you can keep it updated with the items you actually need. Only stick to these items and avoid buying anything you don’t currently need.

2. Eat more fresh produce. You may think that buying fresh food is expensive, but this is not the case.

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  • Invest in a meal plan.  I currently have a meal plan club in which you pay only $5 per month for a monthly meal plan for the entire month.  No more wasting money eating out or shopping daily at the grocery store, which can be costly. Click here to join our meal plan club today!

3. Stick to drinking water. Rather than opting for a soda, tea, or other beverage, choose water. It’s healthier and more affordable.

  • Avoid bottled water too. Buying a water filter and using filtered tap water can save money.

4. Limit habits that cost money. For example, if you smoke or need to have an alcoholic drink each night, consider stopping or cutting back a bit. Not only will it save you some money, but your health will improve too.

5. Borrow what you don’t often need. Instead of buying the latest appliance that you’ll only use once before putting it in the cupboard forever, ask a friend or a neighbor if you could borrow theirs.

6. Buy store brand goods. You can save lots of money off your grocery bill when you buy store brand or generic goods such as cereal and medication.

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7. Use a cold wash for laundry. Most of your clothes will be completely fine when washed at a low temperature. Heating the water is what costs the most money.

8. Unplug appliances you aren’t using. Rather than waste money on electronics and appliances that are not being used, unplug them. Whenever they’re plugged in, they use electricity, even when they’re turned off.

9. Avoid buying scented candles. We all love to have a nice smelling home, but you don’t need to buy expensive scented candles to achieve it. Use baking soda to remove odor from carpets and fabrics, while a small pot of cinnamon or vanilla left to simmer on your stove can make your house more appealing to any visitors.

10. Learn basic home maintenance. You will occasionally have to bring in a professional to do certain jobs. However, if you learn how to do basic home maintenance and repairs, you can save money by doing easy repairs yourself.  YouTube is a great resource to learn basic home maintenance tips. I have videos where I share with you some of the organization tips that have worked for me over the years.

11. Learn to sew. Instead of throwing away clothing or other fabric household items, you can often repair them with a few simple stitches, saving you from having to buy new items.

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12. Barter with friends and family. If you need some work done around your home, and a friend or family member knows how to do it, perhaps you could consider asking them for an exchange of skills. You could do something for them in return.

You don’t need to make massive changes in your life to save money. Making a few of these changes can make a huge difference in the amount of money you can save. I personally believe in the power of proper planning using tools such as Monthly Budget Planner which you can use to get visuals on your finances.

When you use cost-saving measures such as these, remember to add the money you’ve saved to your savings account.
A few small changes can add up to a lot over time!

Hugs and Love, Nikki.

With the start of the New Year most of us are pumped to start all of those home organization and renovation projects. I know I am definitely a part of that group. As soon as January arrived I was ready to dive in and refresh my home. If there is one thing I would love to get sorted this year, it would have to be our windows. The windows in our home are getting quite old now and are not keeping the cold out as well as they used to, so I am hoping that this is the year we finally get them replaced! A friend of ours found a great window installation specialist by searching online for ‘replacement windows austin tx‘ so I might just have to do the same. Windows to one side though, I decided to start our renovation projects for this year with the kitchen. The kitchen is one of my favorite spaces and I love staying on top of keeping it purged, fresh and beautiful (at least in my eyes). A few months ago, I shared my kitchen organization video with you on my At Home With Nikki YouTube channel. I took you through all of my cabinets and drawers to show you how I had it organized. I love having a kitchen that is well organized, and where everything has place. My thought is one that a kitchen can function and be beautiful at the same time.

If you are on my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you may have already been on this kitchen refresh journey with me. I tried to share the spaces that I was working on each day. My thought is to do a little each day. It is amazing how much you can get accomplished when you break up a daunting task into a mini task.

The most challenging space in my kitchen to keep organized is the fridge. It gets so much use each day that I have to stay on top of it. The pantry is on my list of the second most challenging space to keep in order. No matter how much I purge my pantry, I can still find things that can be passed on to be a blessing to others before they expire. My pantry was itching for a purge. After the holidays I find so many items that I know I will most likely not use such as extra cans of cranberry sauce or an overabundance of vegetable stock. January is the perfect month for a kitchen refresh.

I must say that all in all this year’s refresh was a breeze. There was minimal purging, and I stayed focused on the task of doing a little each day for one week. I wish you all success with getting your home in order.

Blessings & Love

It is that time again!  Time for your weekly home tips.  These are the tips that I have tried this week.  Watch the video below to see how they all worked out.  You just may find something that will help you around your home.   Hope you enjoy! 


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Here is another segment of “What Would Nikki Do”.  Those of you who have been with me a while are aware of these “What Would Nikki Do” videos that I do.  I love being able to help all of my viewers and readers with their home organization, home decor, home entertaining and crafting situations.  By doing these videos it gives me the opportunity to share with you, what I would do in your situation.  I hope that the are truly helpful and enjoyable.    Today I helped Joanne from New Jersey with her home office organization and decor.  Hope you will enjoy the video. 







It is that time again!  Another week of those wonderful home tips.  I love searching the internet, books and more for fabulous and helpful home tips.  This week’s tips were really helpful and just no brainers.  I had such fun sharing them with you and hope you will enjoy the video!  Hope your having a great week so far.  




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