We all should have a place in our home that we consider our happy place. It is a place that you can escape to relax, create or to do anything that makes you happy. This space may be a bedroom, kitchen or even a closet that you transformed into your unique space. For me, this space is my home office which I call my woman cave. When entering my woman cave, I am just inspired. Not only does my space inspire me with ideas for my professional organizing business, but also for my home, and life. Because our happy spaces are so crucial to our well-being, it is essential to keep this space clean, refreshed and free of clutter. I want to share with you some tips on how I keep my happy space organized, which inspires and make me happy every day.


When choosing items for your happy space use caution to only keep things that serve a purpose and rid yourself of clutter producing items. You might want to check out skip hire if you have a particularly large amount of clutter too. However, if you still want to hold on to your possessions, but simply want them out of your house, you could invest in a self storage unit. A self storage unit can be an excellent solution for bulkier items such as furniture that can take up valuable room in your home. For more information about self storage, go to In my space, I love incorporating acrylic when it comes to many of my organizing containers as it brings me a sense of visual airiness, style, and function. It allows those beautiful items that make me happy to shine such as my gold scissors or the legs of my table. I recently released my stackable acrylic organizers which are fantastic for organizing a multitude of items efficiently and beautifully. Some of the things you can organize with my stackable trays are:

OFFICE SUPPLIES: You can organize a variety of office supplies and store either on top of your desk or in a drawer. Because they are stackable, they are great space savers. If you’re looking to get some office supplies, you may want to check out an Online Office Supply Store, as an example.

TEAS & COFFEE: Organize all of your teas and coffee accessories in your kitchen coffee station. Not only at home but at work also.

COSMETICS: These organizers are the perfect size to organize a variety of make-up products. They are easy to wipe clean which is a must for any make-up storage.

JEWELRY: Having a reflective bottom these organizers will store your jewelry beautifully. I also love that it allows you to sort your jewelry by color or by what you are wearing for the days of the week to help save time in the morning.


When in your happy space are you creating a beautiful experience, a beautiful memory? This is something that I am always striving for not only in my happy space but in my entire home. Start by asking yourself one key question:


Just imagine walking into your space and having all of your senses of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch catered to in a wonderful way.


Declutter your space. The only experience that you will have in your space is frustration. Before you start to declutter the area, close your eyes and imagine your happy space. Tour the space in your mind. When you open your eyes start removing the items that were not in your vision for your space. If you have items in your home that you don’t want on display but don’t want to get rid of, a storage space or some sheds Charleston SC may be a good option. Declutter your house but make sure you’ve got somewhere to move unwanted items to. Or, you can just get rid of them, it’s up to you! Some important things to incorporate into your space are colors that are beautiful and inspiring to you and great lighting that creates your ideal ambiance.

The things we see each day impact us significantly. This is why I like to surround myself with positive visuals such as inspirational art or by placing inspirational cards in my desk area. When creating my candle I wanted to have an inspirational word on each candle that could bring a positive visual experience to your area. I knew the candle would eventually burn out, but this would allow the container to be used as a beautiful accessory in any space to store a variety of items.


Aroma is that unseen element that can create such a mood in a space. It can give you energy or make you relax, depending on the scent. It can be an excellent way to be welcomed into your area. My candle, which comes in my NStyle subscription box along with a linen spray and a home organizing or decor item is my new favorite. It is a twelve-ounce soy candle that sets the tone in my happy space every day.


After a long day in this crazy world, you may come home to your happy space and tell yourself that you do not want to hear a sound. I get it, and that is perfectly ok! The important thing is that you incorporate sounds (or no sounds) that bring you joy in the space. This may be by adding a sound machine in the space or playing your favorite jazz tunes. Coming home and turning on the news in your happy space may not be the best thing to do. You need to give yourself a moment to rejuvenate from the world so that you can go out and give your best each day.


I am known for hiding a delicious piece of chocolate in my happy space to enjoy each day. I deserve it after a long day of working, running errands and taking care of my home and family. Find a way to make those taste buds happy in your space even as simple as grabbing your cup of tea before you head to your happy space for the evening.


There are so many ways to incorporate the sense of touch in your space such as a beautiful rug that allows you to bring comfort to your feet after a long day. Having decorative pillows in a variety of textures are also a great way to enhance the sense of touch in your space. Even as simple as the texture of my planner makes me happy.

Your happy place can also be mobile. Create a little bag containing some unique items to help enhance your day. This could be a small bottle of linen spray an inspirational card or a pack of your favorite tea. The options to create a happy space on-the-go are endless.

I created my Limited Edition NStyle box as an inspiration and reminder to always incorporate the beauty in your life and to create beautiful experiences for yourself. I am excited for you to receive your next box and for anyone who would like to order the previous box or any future boxes you can here. Have a beautiful week friend! -Nikki

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