One of my favorite places in my home is my office. It is not only my office, but it is also that space that motivates me to be creative and to pursue all those ideas that love living in my brain. My office is not only my working space but it is my woman cave, my little get-a-way to work on projects, read or kick back and watch Netflix. Not that I’m not comfortable enough, I have even taken some time to look at this website in the hopes of getting a gaming chair for my office, as they are said to be very relaxing and help improve your posture, which is what I need to do a lot of the time.

Basically, my happy space. Big or small, we all need that space in our home that we can call our own. My home office was in need of a refresh and re-evaluation. I always believe you should have your home spaces function for your current lifestyle and my home office was functioning for my lifestyle three years ago. It was time to reorganize this space and what perfect time as The Laundress® launched it’s home organizing products! Their beautiful white storage solutions spoke to my organizing heart and I am so happy that they are the sponsors of this blog post.

One thing that is essential for me when organizing any space in my home is that everything has a place and that it is simple to access. I like to open a cabinet and easily be able to identify where things are placed. I don’t necessarily like to see all of my things which make The Laundress® organizers my perfect office solution.

When organizing your home office be aware of what you visually see in the space. In my office I am very selective in what I conceal and what is visually displayed. It goes back to my desire to visually see things that inspire me and make me happy and hide those items that I need but visually are not appealing to see. It is no secret that I love a beautiful bag. I love merely displaying my work bags visually in my cabinet so that they are easy to access and they also bring me joy each time I open my cabinet and see my beautiful bags neatly displayed. For convenience, I have all the workbag cases and accessories concealed in The Laundress® storage cubes above the bags.

I love beautiful stationery, but one thing that can be a clutter buddy is paper, so I have to give myself limitations. A friend of mine recommended I checked out sites like, as this could offer me a potential solution when it comes to managing my paperwork a lot better than before. One minute your office is clean and the next, there’s paper everywhere! Hopefully, I won’t have to deal with that any time soon.

I gave myself one bin to store all of my beautiful stationery. The Laundress® small storage cube was perfect to hold my stationery. It is compact but provided the perfect amount of space to maintain more than enough beautiful paper, stickers, and cards. The Laundress® also has a Medium and Larger storage boxes which makes organizing a multitude of items simple.

Taking time first to purge all of the items that I no longer use in my office and then incorporating beautiful function as made me fall back in love with my office all over again. The most straightforward change can have such a significant impact on your everyday life.
As a professional organizer, I go through a lot or receipts and invoices which, before too long can become cluttered and out of order. Recently, a friend of mine has tried to persuade me to be more digital and to scan my receipts and invoices so that I can access them quickly and efficiently. She recommended I take a look at Top 10 Best Receipt Scanner & Organizer – Reviews – for some inspiration on condensing my paperwork. Having done some browsing of the reviews, I’m definitely tempted to give scanning a go in the future.

There was one final touch to my office cabinet refresh. I restocked my office cleaning tray with The Laundress® cleaning products. Now my cabinet does not only look beautifully organized it smells wonderful! My space is now refreshed and has me motivated to tackle the world or a latte or two.

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