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Digital Work Space

It seems like we spend most of our time online, whether on social media or at work. Just like your physical workplace, your digital workplace should be organized. Your computer is just like your desk or file cabinet. It holds everything you need to successfully complete your workday. The desktop, like your file cabinets, needs to be updated and sorted through. And just like your physical workspace, you must keep it organized, accessible, and beautiful.

I like to start by looking at my desktop. Is it full of scattered documents, file folders, and e-mails? Take a deep breath; you got this. Assess your desktop like your physical space and create a plan. Think about what is essential to keep on my desktop? After you have evaluated what files you need, it’s time to declutter. Take this time to delete and condense the files you need. It is sometimes easier to place smaller files into one central folder, especially if they are related or a similar project.

Now that you have your files in their designated place, it’s time to name them. My advice is to be clear so that your future self knows what you’re talking about! You achieve this by using less than twenty-file characters, adding underscores, dating, and security. The more concise you are with the file name, the easier it is to find; more than twenty-five characters is too long. The underscores give the eyes a break between words and create space between words, again being more attractive to the eye.

Dating each file is important. Whether it is the last time you modified it or the date you created it, keep a system for dating files. You can watch my video here to give you some ideas on how to organize your files.

Next is to organize your passwords. When it comes to security, passwords can be tricky to remember. Encrypted file folders require a password to protect the contents. If you have a lot of passwords to remember, this can be difficult. I write down my passwords in my “Password keeper” and place them securely in my planner.

Your files are in order, and now it’s time to make your computer desktop beautiful!

Your computer desktop, just like your desk, can get chaotic. It’s important to keep it organized because it is the first thing that greets you during your workweek, and if it is cluttered, you’ll feel cluttered, overwhelmed, and disorganized. It is important to sort and organize files on your desktop, just like physical files. It is important to keep your computer desktop to be engaging, simplified, and clean. I like my desktop to display categories, so it’s easy to locate a file or photo when I need it. The categories on my desktop are calendar, personal notes, need to sort, and in the works. It is simple to create your own digital desktop organizer. You can create your own by following the steps below:

  • Go to a free editing tool like Canva
  • Next, find out your Computers Resolution.

(For Mac, go to the Apple go to About this Mac, Choose Display at the Top)(For PC, type Display Settings in the search bar from the Start Menu, Scroll down to the Scale and Layout section, and you will see the resolution drop-down)

  • Go back to Canva and go to Custom Size template and enter the size of your display.
  • Go to the Menu on the Right Side and Go to Elements, then Shapes.
  • Select Square and Resize to you Liking. I like to use three squares, one for Personal notes, In the works, and Need to sort.
  • Move and place the squares to create a computer desktop graphic that will work for you.
  • Once you have them sized, choose the color you would like the square to be. You can do this by selecting the gray square next to the positions tab. You can select a default color or a custom color by selecting the color wheel.
  • Next, upload any files like a monthly calendar or an inspirational quote. You can have this saved to your computer or save an image you like to add.
  • Add the finishing touches to your computer desktop calendar by moving the images where you would like.
  • Lastly, save your background by clicking the download button near the top right. Download this as a PNG.
  • It will download to your computer, and there you have it, a beautiful background.

I love this background because I can see everything I need to do at a glance. Like the calendar, for example, instead of pulling out my phone to check the dates, I can quickly look at my computer desktop. The need to sort section serves as a reminder to sort my files weekly, or they would pile up. The In the works section are items I know I’m currently working on or things I need to follow up on. The personal section can be websites or articles I would like to read later. The Personal notes is temporary, and soon after I read the article or website, I put them in my trash can.

As important to maintain your digital workplace, it is important to maintain your physical health. Take time to step away from the computer and have a digital detox. Sitting all day staring at the screen can cause your body to become unbalanced and stiff. Set aside time every couple of hours to stand up, breath, drink water, and stretch. After work is your time to take care of yourself and detox. If time permits, get a workout in. What holds me accountable is writing out my workout for the week in my “Fitness planner.”

Friends, your digital workspace, and your physical workspace are the areas where you excel. Your workspace, like anything, needs consistent love and care. I like to think about organizing as a privilege to connect with my space instead of a chore. It is you that impacts the space and environment you live in. Why not make it “Beautiful”? You can also watch my video here for more organizing tips for your workspace.
I hope all of you enjoyed my new book “Beautifully Organized.”

Hugs and Love,


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