Master Closet Tour & Organization Tips


Finally!  The time has come for me to share my tips on how to organize and maintain your closet.  I have received so many request to give a tour of my master closet.  I am happy to finally be able to share this with you.

It is so important to have a closet that is organized and functions well.  This will save you so much time and stress when trying to get ready in the morning.  My goal with my closet was to make it feel like my own personal boutique.  Each morning when I go into my closet I feel like it is a boutique created especially for me.





In this video I give you a tour of my master closet along with sharing tips on how to organize and maintain your closet.  I hope you find these tips helpful!  I hope you enjoy my YouTube channel At Home With Nikki.




  1. Katrice Faulkner says:

    Right on time with this video! I just started yesterday organizing my closet. We’ve been in our new home for almost a year now and it’s time to get this done. Thanks for the suggestions on storing your camisoles and sweaters. I was looking for ideas for these two item!


  2. Katrina Bynes says:

    Really well planned. Planning really makes a difference. You really have a gift from Our Father in heaven.
    You really have found your purpose, I am happy for you not many people find their true calling in Life.

    You worked well with what you have.

    Your Subscriber Ms, Katrina Bynes

  3. Shelley Anderson says:

    Love your website Nikki! Catching up on all of your video’s, so I’m getting nothing accomplished after work at home this week! Love your style…thanks!

  4. dede says:

    Love everything! Grace and style.

  5. Shirley Castillo says:

    Hi Nikki – Love your organizer; looking to do the same for my closet. Where did you find your organizer (shelves).

  6. Carla BoujieGirl Inman says:

    Hello Nikki, Carla for Grosse Pointe Woods Michigan, I love you on youtube, I thought I would check out you website. It is awesome also, thanks for the inspiration.

  7. LaToya Naylor says:

    I am so glad I found your website and you tube channel. I am trying to get my life more organize and you have been a blessing. Thank you!

  8. Love this video, Nikki! Thanks for your tips, my closet are now tidy.

    Thanks for the suggestion about following the colour of the clothes too. It really help me.

    Hugs and love Alesha, your subscriber!

  9. Susan Kakavas says:

    I love your organizational videos, Nikki. I even rematch them when I need inspiration and motivation.

  10. Susan Kakavas says:

    Sorry, I meant re-watch not rematch.

  11. Laugier marine says:

    Hi nikki !
    I really want to buy your label i love it ( in metal ) do you know where i can buy it ? The items in Target are no longer available 🙁 thanks !

  12. Nicole Lopez says:

    I love your master closet design! Where did your husband buy the cabinetry to complete your closet? I am interested in doing a DIY master closet in my home as well! Thanks for sharing all of your tips and tricks to helps keep our homes beautiful and organized!

  13. Amina says:

    I love your style

  14. Ava says:

    Hi Nikki, Happy New Year! LOVE the closet! May I ask, where did you purchase the white shoe boxes?

    Thank you!!

  15. Carole Gordon says:

    Hello Nikki, I wish you and your family as well as all your viewers a wonderful new year. I want to thank you for the inspiration you communicate. I appreciate the mix of organisation and beauty. Thank you.

    By the way, you already said during a video where you buy your beautiful label holders. Can you write it again please. i live in France and we can’t find it here. I’ll ask friend who live in the US to buy it for me.

    Thank you so much and continue being yourself.

  16. Monique says:

    Hi just going through your site as i just came across it today looking for inspiration… I am so excited to redo my closet as well. Almost done with my kitchen and so next trip my husband takes I’m going to gut our closet and paint it out and make it pretty. Its’ always been an eye sore as it’s just not laid our correctly but made some changes in that department, now time to pretty it up. Love the chandelier idea. I am actually going to take our door off as it is in the way no matter which way it is on there. May do a sliding barn door later, but if it’s just as nice as our room i just finished decorating then i will be proud to have the closet shown off 🙂
    Love your style as well! Always wanted a chandelier in our room but nowhere to put it, never thought of the closet, that’s a great idea, and fun!! You’ve inspired me thank you 🙂

  17. Wendy says:

    So beautifully put together, Nikki! Master closet project is in the planning stages for me right now. I will be incorporating many of your ideas! Thanks so much!

  18. Kelli Kennedy says:

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