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It is no secret that I have a love for white dishware. White dishes just keep it so simple when it comes to your home. They are so versatile because you can use them daily or when you are hosting special events at your home. One thing that I love about white dishes is that they make your food look beautiful! In my recent YouTube video, I share my tips on shopping for white dishware, maintaining white dishware and why I feel that they are key to have in your home.

I am also very excited to announce a giveaway where I am going to put together a white dish collection for one of you, my friends.   I will choose a winner and then I will send you a beautiful selection of white dishes that has been hand picked by me.   CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway.  Good luck friends!  -Nikki

Note: The dishes pictured are my personal dishes. These are not the white dishware included in the giveaway.

I often see interior design trends and fall in love, meaning I just have to have it! However, having a builder or contractor come out to my house each time I want something doing can get a little expensive, which has lead me to become a master of DIY! Most of the renovations in this home have been completed by myself with the help of family and friends because not only is it more affordable, but I get a sense of satisfaction after completing a job. Of course, we’ve used sites like and the advice of professionals when it comes to completing a renovation so that we’re not working blind but so far, every DIY I’ve done has gone better than expected.

One of my all time favorite home DIY project as been our media room. Mike (my husband) and I decided a few months back to transform our guest room into a media room. We love for our home to function for us every day and having two guest bedrooms just did not seem logical for our lifestyle. It was one of the best decisions we have made in our home. This room such a fun space, and perfect for entertaining.

One thing that was crucial to us was ensuring that we maintained the value in our home. We did not want to make any permanent changes to the space that would prevent us from changing it back to a bedroom if we needed to do so. You will have to check out my video to see how we created this bar area that is removable.

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August is here already!  Can you believe how fast this year is going by.  Fall is right around the corner.  Well this month I have been enjoying some fun things around my home.  I really enjoyed sharing the things that have made cleaning, home organization, cooking and home entertaining flow fabulously around my place.  I hope you find the video not only enjoyable but informative.  Please also be sure to enter the giveaway below.   Have a great day! 




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I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth Of July.  We really had a beautiful and relaxing day with great friends.  I put together a quick and simple tablescape this year on my back porch.  I was excited to share with you how it turned out.  My friend Kaye who just recently moved to Charleston made the macaroni and cheese that you see featured in the video below.  It was so very delicious.  She did a video about it on her channel which is CookingWithKaye.   I hope you enjoy seeing my tablescape and Fourth Of July meal.  


Summer is here!  Seems like we were just celebrating the start of Spring.  Time goes by so very fast.  Before you know it, we will be back to Fall.  So my friend Melanie from the YouTube channel Living Luxuriously For Less and I decided to team up again.  We wanted to each do a video sharing our top three favorite items for entertaining outdoors.  I hope you will enjoy the video and have a great start to your summer!


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The Video

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things that I have been enjoying around my home this month.   All of the items I shared were truly a blessing in my home this month.  I just love products that make life easier and more enjoyable at home.  I hope you enjoy the video. 


The Video


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